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Our Mission

Our Mission: Unite The Disability Community And Those That Support Us

Did you know over 20% of the population are disabled? That’s roughly 10 million people in the UK alone.

Why is it then that so many of us struggle to get the support we need? Why do we often feel so alone? Why do so few people understand us?

Together we are stronger: with a single voice we can make ourselves heard in a noisy world. That is why we decided to create The Disability Union.

By bringing together disabled people and the organisations and individuals that support us, we hope to grow our influence so that together we can help more people, more quickly.

2 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Hi I’m disabled but have also studied deaf studies special needs and inclusion so happy to help if I can though I can’t work myself currently

    1. Hi Lucy – thanks for reaching out! Feel free to sign up as a member or a supporter through our website, or follow us on our social media platforms (links down below), to keep up to date on our progress and how you can help. Thanks!

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