At The Disability Union you’re never alone and together we’ll knock discrimination dead.


The Disability Union vs The World

Our job as a caseworker is to empower and support you.




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How It Works

We bring Disabled people together and

empower them to change their lives and the world in 3 steps

Being Disabled can be isolating but at The Disability Union you’re never alone.
By bringing Disabled people together in our regular social events, online community and campaigns we help each other, make friends and make change together. Just some of our community projects include:
  • Providing much-needed services that have taken a huge hit by government cuts
  • Hosting sensory play sessions involving music, movement, and stimulating the senses through play
  • Working with local visitor attractions to increase accessibility and inclusive practices
  • Working with businesses and organisations to promote and raise awareness of accessibility within our communities
  • Regular social groups and events for members online and in person



There are less opportunities for us as Disabled people due to all sorts of access barriers.

We provide opportunities around employment, politics, sports and every other aspect of life including:

  • 1:1 support from a caseworker on disability-related issues.
  • Disability Union skills Academy – 700+ Online Courses on everything from confidence to software development to beauty therapy.
  • Regular online or in person events focused on employability, inclusion in a workplace etc
  • Our Disability and Democracy project that is helping Disabled people get into politics.





One of The Disability Unions’ main aims is to help our community fight for fairness and equality.

People with power only listen to two things: money and people. You need a lot of one or the other to get them to listen. It is by uniting Disabled people into one voice that we are building the people power to knock discrimination dead.

Besides the right not to be discriminated against or bullied, fair treatment also includes dignity. This is why we are working alongside national health trusts to ensure disabled people are treated with respect. Our recent projects include :

  • Accessible play areas
  • Accessible leisure centres
  • Lobbying MP’s regarding the neglect of disabled people during the pandemic
  • Changing Places Toilets
  • Accessible entry into the employment sector

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