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What happens when I become a member?

When you join The Disability Union you will gain access to all of the following benefits:

  • Invitations to attend local branch meetings and socials (currently our only local branch covers Southampton, Winchester, and Portsmouth. More coming soon!)
  • Access to our group online events such as adaptive yoga, meditation, workshops on independent living, disability rights, etc.
  • Access to our members-only Facebook support group.
  • The option to join our campaign groups on important disability issues.
  • Access to over 700 courses through the Disability Union Skills Academy.
  • Access to 1:1 support from a caseworker (or team of caseworkers) who will work with you to help solve disability issues. Please note, access to a caseworker is not immediate. You will be placed on a waiting list and due to the nature of our service, we are currently unable to stipulate timeframes. 

What our members say 

“I am proud to be a member of The Disability Union. We must come together to fight for the changes we need and support each other to achieve our dreams. This is exactly what the disability movement needs.”

Martyn Sibley

Co-Founder of Purple Goat and Disability Horizons

“The Disibility Union are very helpful and provide the help that you need. They did everything well and now I know I have help out there when I need it”

Theresa Hanna

Member since October 2020

“The Disability Union believe in empowering disabled people to make their own choices and achieve whatever they want out of life.”

Daniel Reed

Co-Founder of LiveYou

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