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Paternalism in Disability Culture

The different cultures that surround disability is as wide and varied as any other culture, though many don’t realize.  Just as American culture is different from British culture, for example, Deaf/Hard of Hearing culture is different from the culture of having Cerebral Palsy.  What’s interesting still, is we can also break up the culture of […]

Finding Grants for Additional Disability Funding

Being disabled is expensive.  Between the expensive medical equipment, medications, doctors appointments, and PCA help, costs add up.  In 2016, Scope published a study that detailed the added expense of being disabled.  And to make matters worse, some disabilities can make it difficult for individuals to get and maintain employment.  There are programs available to […]

Is the government’s failure to communicate with disabled people an oversight or a deliberate pattern of behaviour?

Yesterday it was revealed that the government has once again failed to communicate with disabled people on one of the issues that affects us most of all, benefit sanctions. It has indefinitely postponed an investigation into the alleged link between the deaths of benefit claimants and DWP policy without consulting its own advisory committee comprised […]

NHS England’s Visitor Guidance – Update

Written by Fleur Perry, 12/6/2020 New guidance by NHS England allows PAs, but doesn’t mention disabled people, and sparks petition for disabled people to be consulted on all new NHS policies. Petition here! The original guidance barred visitors, but allowed limited exceptions. This meant many disabled people could not be accompanied to hospital by someone […]

NHS England’s Visitor Guidance – One Page Briefing

Guidance that some have called “dangerous and discriminatory” has been published by NHS England. It bars visitors, but allows exceptions for end-of-life care, a parent of a child, a birthing partner, or where the visitor will be contributing to meeting a person’s mental health needs. This is the one: https://www.england.nhs.uk/coronavirus/publication/visitor-guidance/  This means disabled people who have […]

A Disabiled Person’s Perspective On The Coronavirus

The last couple of months have been scary for a lot of the world. Dealing with an outbreak, such as the Coronavirus, we’re in unprecedented territory and we’re all learning together.  Today, I want to take a break from the topic of employment and speak a little bit about how the things happening now are […]

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