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Flight, Accessibility, and All Wheels Up

Flying can be nightmarish for everyone.  Between getting through security and hoping your bags don’t get lost along the way, everyone has a story they tell.  As much of a hassle as it is, flying allows for easier travel and lets people travel the world. However, as it stands now, airplanes are not easy — […]

Culture, Faith, and Disability

Warning:  This may be a difficult article for some people to read.  We are going to be dealing with religion and dissecting some contradictions in different aspects of faith.  The point of this article is to highlight those contradictions, and is in no way meant to invalidate your beliefs.  As with the last few articles, […]

Paternalism of Disability: The Body

Disability culture is wide and varied.  Whether it be the difference between geographical location or different disabilities, there are variations in how different people experience disability culture.  Last time we talked about the idea of paternalism and how it is used. Whether intentional or not, it is used to keep control over people with disabilities. […]

Paternalism in Disability Culture

The different cultures that surround disability is as wide and varied as any other culture, though many don’t realize.  Just as American culture is different from British culture, for example, Deaf/Hard of Hearing culture is different from the culture of having Cerebral Palsy.  What’s interesting still, is we can also break up the culture of […]

The Problem with the Definition of Disability

What defines disability?  According to dictionary.com, disability can be defined as “lack of adequate power, strength, or physical or mental ability; incapacity.”  On the surface, this makes sense.  People who are extremely weak, both physically and mentally, are who one might think of as “disabled.”  Where this definition begins to fall apart though, is when […]

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