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Know Your Disability History: Early America

The history of disability and disabled people is rarely talked about.  Despite disability being present for all of history, rarely do we hear about disabled people from history.  Because of this, we forget that disabilities didn’t just appear one day, and disabled people didn’t always have rights.  Today, disabled people are still a minority fighting […]

The Problem with Promposal Inspiration Porn

Ah, prom.  To be a highschooler again, excited for the summer, but arguably more excited for the upcoming dance.  During this time of year, a lot of stories come out about students with various disabilities being asked to prom in spectacular, over-the-top ways.  The stories of students asking disabled students to prom spread through social […]

A Beginners Guide to Inspiration Porn

Ask almost anyone with a visible disability, and they’ll tell you that they’ve been called an inspiration.  They might have even been called an inspiration that very day. Most people say it as a genuine compliment. To them it really is inspiring that, despite not having their level of ability, we’re still able to get […]

Finding Grants for Additional Disability Funding

Being disabled is expensive.  Between the expensive medical equipment, medications, doctors appointments, and PCA help, costs add up.  In 2016, Scope published a study that detailed the added expense of being disabled.  And to make matters worse, some disabilities can make it difficult for individuals to get and maintain employment.  There are programs available to […]

Is Universal Design Possible?

One would think that, in this day and age, a public place being accessible would be a given.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even newer builds, who often boast about how accessible they are, often have things that are inaccessible to certain people.  They follow the laws of the ADA (or equivalent), but that doesn’t […]

Facebook is Changing the Disability Community

Going through life alone, regardless of ability, is isolating.  Sure, you may have friends and family who care for you, but they don’t understand what you’re dealing with.  And it’s nobody’s fault, they just can’t relate. But not having that connection, especially one that impacts your entire life, can make it harder on the relationship […]

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