Casework Rules of Engagement 

By instructing the Caseworker team you understand and agree; 

The Disability Union Casework team are not obliged to support, assist or advocate in all circumstances.  While we endeavour to offer our service to all members we will decline in instances where there is or has been; 

  • Active legal cases 
  • Safe Guarding concerns 
  • Misrepresentation of facts 
  • Foul or abusive behaviour towards our staff or colleagues from other services 
  • Illegal activities 
  • Court orders 

To access the Casework team please email support@disabilityunion.co.uk with your request for support.  A member of our team will reply to you as soon as possible during out contact hours Tuesday – Thursday 10 – 4 when you will be sent a form to complete before we can proceed further.   

Due to high demand for our service you will be added to a waiting list and allocated a ref. Number.  You will only be officially on our waiting list and your request logged once you are in receipt of this number.  We will endeavour to allocate you a caseworker as soon as one of us is available, however owing to the nature of the demands of our members we are unable to stipulate a time frame.   

By asking for support from our casework team you agree to share honest facts about your disability, conditions and circumstances so that we may help you and give consent to the casework team to act on your advocate. Failure to do so, or sharing inaccurate information may result in immediate closure of your case. 

Once a caseworker is assigned you may at any point request a different caseworker to act as advocate. Similarly, your case may be passed over to a different caseworker. Two weeks notice will be required in either instance to accommodate these changes.  

Foul, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated by our staff and will result in your case being closed with immediate effect, without warning.  

Requests to be present at virtual meetings must be made at least two weeks in advance in order to reserve the time required in your caseworkers diary.  

The safety of all of our members and community are of the upmost importance to us and as such we will always act in the way we feel most appropriate.  We have a duty of care to all that we work with and will always act accordingly, we therefore reserve the right to implement safeguarding procedures where appropriate.  

Well being support can be offered in blocks of 6 sessions.  You may request a further block of 6 sessions after a 6 week period.   

Requests for support with paperwork, benefit claims, should be made where possible two months before the deadline date to allow adequate time to assist and collate relevant information and evidence. 

On occasions Human and technical errors may occur.  We aim to be responsive within a time frame of 5 casework working days (Tues – Thurs), however if you haven’t had a response after this time, please resend your correspondence.  

In order to support as many members as possible we reserve the right to close any cases where communication had lapsed for a period of 30 days. Similarly if we have assisted you for a period of six months or more without the desired outcome and exhausted all available options we may close your case and signpost you to other agencies/services. 

While we strive to assist and support everyone that requires us, there are times when we will not be able to assist for many reasons.  If we are unable to support you with a particular circumstance we may be able to assist you with something else.  

Any complaints should be made in writing to support@disabilityunion.co.uk  

Tel: 02382 546 695

E: support@disabilityunion.co.uk

For media enquiries contact:


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