Have You Ever Wished You Could Change The System? 

Well, Now You Can… 

We’re Building Political Power For Disabled People Through Education & Mentorship
Change will only come for Disabled People when we have influence in the corridors of power. 

Our Disability & Democracy program will build the next generation of Disability Activists and get them elected into positions of authority and influence so that we can make inclusion a reality.

If you’re passionate about making change, this is the place for you!

George Baker

General Secretary , The Disability Union

Did you know?

Over 20% of the population are Disabled and yet there are only 5 MPs who openly identify as Disabled. This is only 0.7% of the total number of MPs in the UK.


14% of local authority councillors are openly disabled


Only 5 MPs openly identify as disabled


14% of local authority councillors are openly Disabled, proving that, although this number is still too low, it is possible to increase the number of Disabled People in elected positions and that Disabled people want to be involved in politics

Disabled People have a unique contribution to make that would help solve important national questions such as the funding and organisation of social care, the benefit system and how to deal with our ageing population. It is vital, that we are included and represented in all these discussions.  

The Disability Union, and the disability rights movement in general, believe there must be “nothing about us without us” and this program is about making that a reality. If you are interested in hearing more about Disability & Democracy, please fill in the form below:

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