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Our team members have lived experience of disability, and a shared vision to make the world an accessible place for everyone. Find out more about the people behind The Disability Union.
George Baker

George Baker


I’m George, I’m 30 years old, live near Southampton and have Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. I’m passionate about making the world a more inclusive place for disabled people and doing whatever I can to increase the opportunities available to people like us. Outside of work I love music, video games and am involved in local politics. Like many people however, I’m most happy sat around with a bunch of friends talking nonsense and drinking JD and coke.

I started The Disability Union because I believe the only way to further disability rights and increase inclusion is for all disabled people to work together and support each other to get our voices heard and our needs met. 

Lauren Toovey

Lauren Toovey

HR & Finance Manager

Hey, I’m Lauren! In my spare time, you can find me playing with my 4 rescue kittens, planning my next holiday, or watching the latest Disney movie. I recently graduated with a degree in Health and Social Care. I studied part-time at The Open University as this allowed me to focus on my career at the same time. I started caring for George in 2014, and we soon became close friends with the same passion for helping people in similar positions to George. In 2018, we created the award-winning Accessible Media Agency, which employed multiple people with disabilities around the world.

In 2020 we decided this wasn’t enough and we wanted to do more, and that’s when The Disability Union was born! I’m very excited to be working for The Disability Union and helping unite and support the disabled community.



Chief Casework Engagement Manager & Liaison

Hi! I live with my husband and adorable cat Bella. When I’m not glued to an audiobook or my kindle, I like gardening, seeing family, and enjoying the sun…when we have it!  

I have hidden disabilities and have had to live through the judgemental attitudes of society. 

I joined the union as a member in need of help and they helped me realise my voice was loud enough to not only help myself but others too. 

I have training in equality and diversity, mental health, depression, and CBT and the life experiences of discrimination and battling and justifying a condition where I look ‘fine’ 90% of the time. 

I’m passionate about helping others achieve what they deserve in life, regardless of whatever bumps are in the way. 

Lisa Trotman

Lisa Trotman

Casework Officer

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m from sunny Southampton.

I have always had a passion for helping people, so when my daughter helped set up The Disability Union with George, I have always been interested in joining the team. Being a casework officer allows me to continue to do what I love – helping people!

When I’m not at work, you’ll probably find me at a concert or cat-sitting for my daughter while she’s on holiday!

Char Lowman

Char Lowman

Sensory Superstars Manager

Hey I’m Char, I am the proud manager of Sensory Superstars, which is a wonderful play group run by The Disability Union whose main goal is to bring accessible, inclusive messy fun to children. We run two groups in Gosport and are excited to be bringing it to Chandler’s Ford as well.

I have worked in childcare for 11 years and I’ve had the privilege to look after people’s pride and joys whether it be as a nanny, a nursery senior, or a team leader. I have always been the one that doesn’t mind looking a bit silly and finding fun, creative ways to help nurture all those areas of children’s development. I think this is why I love running our group as I get to find new ways of capturing children’s imaginations, encouraging their explorations, and getting to see a smile on those faces as they experience something new. I also get to have a good old natter each week with so many lovely families and I enjoy building bonds with my little regulars.

My spare time, well I’m a mother of two boys so whether I have spare time is debatable! But we love walks, getting into nature, and arts and crafts.

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