Do you have dreams and ambitions that feel hard or impossible to reach due to your disability?

We're On A Mission To Help 1,000 Disabled People Into Work They Love By The End Of 2022 – Will You Be One Of Them?

Get Access to 700+ Career Starting or Enhancing Accredited Online Courses With The Disability Union Skills Academy 

Did you know 80% of working age adults are in work? But…

How many disabled people of working age do you think have a job? Just 52.7%. That’s over 30% less! 

 Why is the gap so big? 

Is it because of prejudice? Sometimes, people have so little experience with disabled people that they make assumptions about us. Often, they assume that we can’t do things as well or as quickly as other people. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to assume we simply can’t work. 

Is it because of physical barriers? This is very common too, many workplaces just like everywhere else are often inaccessible. 

These things are slow to change and difficult to control. We fight every day to make changes to these issues, but there’s one thing we have a lot more control over. Something that we believe can help close the disability employment gap. 

Disabled people need more opportunities to get the skills they need to get good jobs, start their own businesses, or turn a hobby into a career.

the Disability Union Skills Academy gives you the skills you need to get into work or up the career ladder.

If we want to be equal partners in society, then we need better access to Education.

I’ve applied for jobs and received phone calls telling me they couldn’t offer me an interview because the office was on the second floor of a listed building without a lift.

I’ve had colleagues ask me why do you bother if you’re so unwell?

I’ve had social workers tell me that I don’t need to work, that I shouldn’t tire myself out, and that nobody expects me to do anything so why bother?

I’ve had a store career councillor tell me that I’d never get a job.

I’ve got far worse grades than I could’ve achieved because I’ve been fighting for my life in hospital and to this day, I’m ashamed of them. I’m ashamed that I didn’t get to go to a top University, I’m frustrated and angry that I missed out on opportunities I might have had if only education was more accessible to me.

And yet, I am one of the lucky ones. I had a mentor who sat me down aged 16 and said “George it’s going to be very hard for you to get a job so if you want, I’m going to teach you how to work for yourself on your own terms.” He taught me a skill, marketing, which enabled me to work for myself, to get my own clients, and to run my business in a way that was accessible for me. Without that help and that privilege The Disability Union wouldn’t be here today, and that’s why we want to make education available to all of our members.”

  • All courses are facilitated by a practitioner delivering audio lessons through videos, with the option of adding subtitles. There are then worksheets to be completed at the end of each module or course. All worksheets can be downloaded and altered to suit the need of the learner, for example, the font can be enlarged.
  • Courses are split into smaller modules. You can start and stop the course at any time, and resume where you left off. If there’s a section you want to go over, just rewind the video – it’s that simple!
  • Once your course is completed you will be given an accredited certificate.

The length of each course varies. Some courses are as short as 30 minutes – meaning you could have an accredited qualification in as little as half an hour!  

Once your course is completed you will be provided with your CPD-approved certificate. 

With accessible education immediately available to you, you’ll finally be able to prove your worth, get that job or start that business. It’s time to start living an accessible employment life. 

At The Disability Union, we believe there should be nothing about us without us. All of us are disabled or have lived experience of living with someone with a disability; we know what it’s like; we know what the barriers are and our mission is to remove them. The Disability Skills Academy is our first big step towards making employment accessible for disabled people.

Access to Education on equal terms with everyone else should be a given in our society but it isn’t, so this is our humble attempt to start levelling the playing field ourselves.  

  • Take your future into your own hands by gaining new skills that will give you an edge in job interviews.

  • Expand your mind and explore the things you love from the comfort of your home.

  • Access recognised and industry-leading education for as little as £4.99 a month.

  • Learn in an accessible environment with a provider committed to making education work for you.

  • Get access to all the other benefits of Disability Union membership including:
    • Invitations to attend local branch meetings and socials
    • Access to our group online events such as adaptive yoga, meditation, workshops on independent living, disability rights, etc.
    • Access to our members-only Facebook support group.
    • The option to join our campaign groups on important disability issues.
    • Discounts on disability aids
    • Access to 1:1 support from a caseworker (or team of caseworkers) who will work with you to help solve disability issues.

The Skills Academy is extremely beneficial and has a really good and exciting range of courses to help enhance my knowledge and skills. Being a carer it is difficult to access face-to-face learning as you cannot predict when you are needed or people are not able to help with care. 


Member of The Disability Union

I absolutely love The Disability Union skills Academy. As a single mother with MS it has been extremely difficult trying to complete learning that has deadlines and I just couldn’t seem to fit it around the needs of my children or myself! Kirsty has guided me throughout my first course, always on hand to offer advice or talk me through the key points. I think Kristys experience as a teacher has helped us all understand the key things about the learning process too.


Member of The Disability Union

The accessibility of The Disability Union course that I took was extremely useful and a positive experience. I was able to start almost immediately on signing up. I would definitely recommend it to other disabled people struggling to find a way to pursue an interest or goal. 


Member of The Disability Union

When you join The Disability Union you get instant access to our skills academy along with all the other benefits of Union membership… 

Just some of our community projects include:
  • Providing much-needed services that have taken a huge hit by government cuts
  • Hosting sensory play sessions involving music, movement, and stimulating the senses through play
  • Working with local visitor attractions to increase accessibility and inclusive practices
  • Forming relationships and liaising with businesses and organisations to promote and raise awareness of accessibility within our communities
  • Weekly members-only online socials hosted via Zoom
  • Online members-only support groups
  • Group online events such as adaptive yoga, meditation, workshops on independent living, disability rights, etc.
We provide opportunities to our members by:

  • Giving them 1:1 support from a caseworker (or team of caseworkers) on disability-related issues, including housing support, PIP applications, Personal Assistant recruitment, and much more
  • Giving them access to over 700 courses at The Disability Union Skills Academy
    • Courses include employability skills such as CV writing, interview skills, and IT skills
    • Courses allow our members to embark on a new career path with courses ranging from Beauty Therapy to Retail Banking
    • All courses are recognised by the CPD accreditation body
One of The Disability Unions’ main aims is to help our community fight for fairness and equality, whether it’s accessible toilets or inclusive playgrounds. Challenging discrimination and winning equality is at the heart of everything The Disability union does.

Besides the right not to be discriminated against or bullied, fair treatment also includes dignity. This is why we are working alongside national health trusts to ensure disabled people are treated with respect. Our recent projects include :

  • Accessible play areas
  • Accessible leisure centres
  • Lobbying MP’s regarding the neglect of disabled people during the pandemic
  • Changing Places Toilets
  • Accessible entry into the employment sector

Join The Disability Union today and get instant access to our Skills Academy. 

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