What we do The DISABILITY union

As disabled people, we know how often our interests overlap with each other’s, and how the same challenges affect many of us. Alone we may feel helpless and ignored, but together, we can uplift the entire disability community

LEGAL support

We provide legal consultation and, if necessary, representation to our members on cases relating to your disability rights with no hidden  fees or extra costs

Benefits guidance

Struggling to claim the benefits you are entitled to? PIP, Universal Credit, ESA, DLA, or DSA? Need support making an appeal? We’re here to help 

1:1 caseworkers

Our team of dedicated caseworkers are available every weekday 9-5 to help you work through any and all disability hardships you may be facing

Housing support

Being unjustly evicted? Need adaptions made to your home? We’ve got your back, and will help get the right accomodation for you and your family

Social care

Struggling to find, fund or manage the care you need? Our team members have years of experience managing their own care and know the system inside out. We can help

Emotional support

Loneliness kills. That’s why we offer emotional support and a listening ear through our caseworkers, all of whom have lived experience of disability

George Baker


I started The Disability Union because I believe the only way to further disability rights and increase inclusion is for all disabled people to work together and support each other to get our voices heard and our needs met.

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