The Disability Union

What We Do

As people living with disabilities, we know how often our interests overlap with each other’s, and how the same challenges affect many of us. This is where The Disability Union comes in: alone we may feel helpless and ignored, but together, we can fight for our interests with the strength of an army.

With your support we can push the boundaries in protecting disabled peoples’ rights, through campaigning, investigative journalism, strategic legal action as well as grass roots education and development for disabled people across the U.K. As our membership grows, we will be able to negotiate with employers, local authorities and the government, putting your voice at the heart of decision-making.

As a member-led and community-based union, our structure means we can effectively represent your interests and welfare rights, no matter where you work or where you’re from. We work to enforce and enhance disability rights and ensure everyone gets the benefits and social services they are entitled to. Even if you’re not disabled but care for someone either through paid or unpaid work, you’ll be welcomed into the family through The Disability Union’s Carer membership.

Members of The Disability Union are supporting us to work for our members on issues that matter to them: everyone has a say in what our goals and priorities are. We are constantly producing educational materials to help members stand up for their rights and access benefits and services they are entitled to but often have difficulty accessing. You can also check out our Facebook group and website forum for peer support and advice.

As a new organisation, we are always working to build new relationships with other groups. As we grow, we hope these connections will enable us to offer more services and protections, such as legal advice, help applying for benefits and much more.

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