The Disability Union

Who We Are And What We Stand For

The Disability Union is the DPO (Disabled People’s Organisation) for the 21st century, meeting the greatest challenges facing disabled people today. Our ambition is to create the first democratic and campaigning union which fights for disabled people in the workplace, in the social care system and in society at large. We protect disability rights and plan to take solidarity and mutual support out to the millions of unorganised disabled people in the UK.

Our union stands for equality, for diversity and for our members’ interests on a local and national level. The Disability Union is also active in the broader disability community; every day we are building stronger links with other DPOs around the world to confront the challenges facing disabled people everywhere. 

Why Should I Join The Disability Union?

When you become a member, you’ll be able to access an increasing range of benefits and services, helping to protect your rights as a disabled person.

Members of The Disability Union are supporting us to work for our members on issues that matter to them: everyone has a say in what our goals and priorities are. We are constantly producing educational materials to help members stand up for their rights and access benefits and services they are entitled to but often have difficulty accessing. Better still, The Disability Union is not just an advocacy group, but a community as well: through our Facebook group and website forum you can seek peer support and advice from members across the country.

As a new organisation, we are always working to build new relationships with other groups. As we grow, we hope these connections will enable us to offer more services and protections, such as legal advice, help applying for benefits and much more.

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