The Disability Union

Why Join

The Disability Union works to protect and enhance the rights of disabled people across the United Kingdom so that we can become included in all aspects of society. As a democratic organisation run by and for our members, we believe that inclusion is a human right and that there must be nothing about us, without us. Every member has a say in what our goals and priorities are and we pursue these through a combination of education, political activism and community organising.

There are dozens of reasons to join a union, but ultimately, it comes down to protecting your rights. The Disability Union’s objective is to ensure all disabled people have their rights represented and their voice heard in government debate and decision-making.

When you join The Disability Union, you’ll become part of a diverse and varied community of disabled people, just like you. Not only will you have our support on workplace issues such as fair pay for all and a healthy working environment; you’ll also have access to a number of benefits such as legal advice, training and education that we provide to all members of The Disability Union.

It doesn’t cost a lot to become a member of the only union in the UK dedicated to the welfare of disabled people. Use the cost calculator to see what you might pay each month, and become the latest member of The Disability Union. Learn more about our support networks, our member services and our goal of giving disabled people a meaningful voice in the decisions that affect our lives.

Join the Disability Union today!

The Disability Union is the only union representing disabled people in the UK. We aim to support our members in every area of their lives by providing information, advocacy, signposting to other organisations and campaigning to enforce and enhance our rights. 

Have a voice, take action and make change happen. Join The Disability Union Today!


What you will need to join online today

  • Personal and employment details (if applicable)
  • An email account 
  • Card details – to set up a direct debit

The sign-up process

Joining the union could not be easier. Just follow our simple steps below. 

Complete the Online form 

Complete the simple form with your personal information and current job details, if applicable. 

Find out the cost of your membership 

The online application allows you to pick the appropriate membership for you. We have different rates for unwaged/student, full time workers and a higher rate for those who can afford to contribute a bit more to help grow the union

Set up a payment plan

If you are happy with a monthly fee, you can pay by card and activate your membership right away. 

Receive email & instant online access 

You’ll receive an email telling you how to gain access to the online membership portal. A membership pack will follow in the post which will include your Disability Union membership number.


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