Affiliate Marketing Certification

Course Code:
6 hours
Affiliate Marketing Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Affiliate Marketing Certification
Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular as an interesting way to earn revenue. Affiliate marketing refers to reselling other products on your website, blog or video, etc. and getting paid a commission for it.

There are many ways to earn revenue through affiliate marketing, and, although you can earn thousands of pounds, you must be mindful of several factors.

The course on affiliate marketing explains how you can progress from scratch in the field of affiliate marketing and eventually become successful.

What’s Covered in the Course?
Some important topics covered in the course on affiliate marketing include:

How to choose the correct niche for affiliate marketing, and the factors that you should consider;
How to promote your affiliate products on your website or off your website, using aggregator sites;
How to write articles and product reviews, etc. that help increase ranking;
The different types of affiliate marketing offers, including pay per call/click, subscription, regular purchase and recurring commissions;
How to use the AIDA principle, to write interesting ‘How to’ articles and reviews and so on’;
How aggregator sites use cookies, to track consumer behaviour;
The best ways to approach companies directly, if you’re interested in their affiliate products;
The benefits and disadvantages of Amazon as an affiliate partner;
An overview and analysis of other affiliate websites, including CjDotCom, Sharecare, Clickbank and so on, and how to use their features to your advantage;
How to maximise traffic and sales, by using special strategies.
This video course offers the following benefits
Benefits of studying the course on affiliate marketing include:

You will understand how to choose an affiliate niche that works best for you;
You will be able to experiment with different marketing techniques, while, at the same time, negotiating a good affiliate offer;
You gain a good understanding of all the factors that impact affiliate marketing.
The tips, tricks and strategies explained in this course will help you avoid pitfalls and stay on track.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Course Introduction
Module 02: What is Affiliate Marketing
Module 03: Affiliate Strategies
Module 04: Why Choosing a Niche is Important
Module 05: Examples of Choosing a Niche
Module 06: How to Choose Your Affiliate Niche
Module 07: The Mistake I Made When Choosing The Niche For My First Business
Module 08: Selling – Section Introduction
Module 09: Affiliate Aggregators
Module 10: Promoting Affiliate Off Your Website
Module 11: Product Reviews
Module 12: Product Review Example
Module 13: Articles for SEO
Module 14: How To Article – Example
Module 15: AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
Module 16: Types of Affiliate Offers
Module 17: CPA Cost Per Action – Affiliate Marketing vs. Selling Affiliate Products
Module 18: Affiliate Cookies
Module 19: Back End Affiliate Commissions
Module 20: CPA Elites and CPA Offers
Module 21: Strategies to Find Good Affiliate Products to Sell
Module 22: Pay Per Call
Module 23: Matching Traffic to the Right Offer
Module 24: Tip On How to Get Better Offers
Module 25: Recurring Affiliate Commissions
Module 26: Affiliate EPC
Module 27: Amazon Affiliate Pros and Cons
Module 28: Cj.com Overview
Module 29: Jvzoo.com Overview
Module 30: Shareasale.com Overview
Module 31: Clickbank.com Overview
Module 32: Four Pillars of Marketing
Module 33: Marketing – Section Introduction
Module 34: The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising
Module 35: Marketing Perspectives
Module 36: Why Building Your Email List Is So Important
Module 37: An Introduction to SEO
Module 38: Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategy to Drive Sales and Branding
Module 39: Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement of Your Sales Posts
Module 40: Top SEO Ranking Factors from 150 Top SEO Experts
Module 41: An Introduction to Social Media Marking
Module 42: How to Increase Sales by Adding Scarcity
Module 43: Facebook Ads – Section Introduction
Module 44: How to Get to Facebook Ad Dashboard
Module 45: How to Set Up Your Facebook Page for Ads
Module 46: Which Facebook Ad to Choose
Module 47: Facebook Ads Strategies
Module 48: Setting the Targeting for Your Facebook Ad
Module 49: Creating the Facebook Ad Format
Module 50: Targeting Pro Tip for Your Facebook Ad
Module 51: How to Install Facebook Pixel
Module 52: Retargeting With Facebook
Module 53: Lookalike Audience
Module 54: Social Media Automation – Section Introduction
Module 55: All the Benefits of Social Media and Automation
Module 56: HashTag Marketing
Module 57: Social Media Automation Tools
Module 58: Showing SocialOomph
Module 59: Pinned Post on Facebook
Module 60: Pinned Tweets
Module 61: RT Team
Module 62: Email Marketing – Section Introduction
Module 63: Email Marketing Providers Overview
Module 64: Creating Your Email List
Module 65: Creating The Autoresponder
Module 66: Tips on Setting up Your Autoresponder
Module 67: Options for Email Signup Popups
Module 68: Free Book Giveaway
Module 69: Google Ads Retargeting – Section Introduction
Module 70: Setting Up Ad Words Retargeting Tag Snippet
Module 71: Creating an Audience To Remarket To
Module 72: Finalising The Retargeting Ad
Module 73: Recruit Affiliates – Section Introduction
Module 74: Your Affiliate Offer
Module 75: Recruit from Aggregator Sites
Module 76: Case Studies for Affiliate Recruiting
Module 77: Extra Affiliate Recruiting Promotion
Module 78: How to Get Free or Cheap Domain
Module 79: Dot Com or Co Domain Name
Module 80: How to Choose a Domain Name
Module 81: How to Find Domain Examples
Module 82: Buying Your Domain from Same Company or Different Ones
Module 83: Create a Website with Upwork
Module 84: Bluehost – Section Introduction
Module 85: What is Bluehost
Module 86: Signing Up for Bluehost Affiliate
Module 87: How to Get the Affiliate Link
Module 88: Content Marketing Long Tail Example
Module 89: How to Set Up Your Affiliate Page
Module 90: Recap of User Flow
Module 91: SEO Keyword Research for Long Tail
Module 92: Analytics
Module 93: YouTube and Other Content
Module 94: Titlemtas
Module 95: PG Elements
Module 96: YouTube Title Description Basics
Module 97: YouTube Algorithms Overview



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