Conducting Employee Appraisals Certification

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3 hours
Conducting Employee Appraisals Certification
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All major browsers and devices
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Online (In-house also available )
Conducting Employee Appraisals Certification
Employee appraisals are one of the most important aspects of any business. The process of assessing the performance and effectiveness of employees in their positions not only benefits the staff involved, but strengthens and improves the entire company.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into all the elements involved in creating an effective employee appraisal.

From the structures that need to be in place and pitfalls to avoid, to the methods of collecting information and the drawing up of the appraisal, this comprehensive course will take you through the entire process.

You Will Learn
How to analyse your company needs and formulate the goals which will define your employee appraisal, ensuring its relevance and success
How to apply different methods of collecting information for an appraisal and the pros and cons of each method
How to structure an appraisal, incorporating every standard category, as well as a few specialised extras
The science of successfully applying the information gathered to maximise efficacy
The legalities involved, drawbacks to be aware of and methods to overcome any negative repercussions that might occur
Benefits of Taking This Course
You will be able to construct a viable and effective employee appraisal
You will understand your employees better and improve the relationships and communication within the company
You will understand the legalities involved in employee appraisals and avoid any disputes that might arise from the process
You will learn to apply the information gathered to maximise both the performance of the employee and the company
You will learn to reassess your employee’s roles, place them where they are the most effective and truly optimise the entire staffing process

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: An Introduction to Employee Appraisals
Module 2: Data Collection Methods
Module 3: Appraisal Structure
Module 4: Optimising Results
Module 5: Legalities and Drawbacks



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