Dangers of Working at Night Certification

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3 hours
Dangers of Working at Night Certification
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All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Dangers of Working at Night Certification
In today’s increasingly global society, a growing number of people are considered to be “night workers”. These are individuals that work at least three hours a night on a regular basis during the hours of 11pm and 6am. As more people begin working these types of shifts, including emergency workers, health care professionals, factory workers and even white-collar investment brokers, the dangers of the night shift are also becoming increasingly apparent. Unfortunately, many people engaged in this type of work do not know about the risks or how to prevent serious damage to their health.

This course provides you with comprehensive information about the dangers of working at night. It begins by talking about night work in general, including an introduction to the relevant UK legislation governing this type of shift work. The course then moves directly into talking about the dangers associated with working at night. Next, students are provided with information about preventing or mitigating these dangers. Finally, coping techniques are provided, helping to ease the isolation associated with working at night.

You Will Learn:-
The definition of a “night worker” and examples of jobs that fit that description
Details about the rules and regulations covering night workers in the UK
Information about the impact of working at night on your physical and mental health
Tips on how to prevent certain dangers associated with night work from occurring
Tips on how to reduce the impact of unavoidable risks
Information on how to cope with the impact night work can have on your emotional fulfilment and social group
Benefits of Taking This Course
Learning about the different rules that apply to night workers as opposed to those who work during the day
Understanding the technical definition of night work
Knowing how to identify the risks involved with night shift work
Learning how to reduce the impact of night work on your health
Determining how to cope with the impact night work can have other areas of your life, including your sense of well-being

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Introduction to Working at Night
Module 2: Risks and Hazards of Being a Night Worker
Module 3: Preventing and Mitigating Risks Faced by Night Workers
Module 4: Coping with the Impact of Night Work



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