Food Safety Level 1 Certification

Course Code:
3 hours
Food Safety Level 1 Certification
Exams Included:
All major browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Food Safety Level 1 Certification
Understanding food safety is vital for both employers and employees in the catering industry to ensure a successful, law-abiding and safe business!

This course provides a comprehensive insight into every aspect of food safety, how to ensure it, what prevents it and how you can keep your business and your food safe.

From explaining how to keep food safe at every stage, to instituting procedural plans and understanding your legal requirements, this course covers every aspect that everyone in the catering industry needs to know.

You Will Learn
All about the threats to food safety and how to avoid them.
How to ensure food safety from suppliers and during transport.
How to prepare and serve food safely.
All about food allergies and how to avoid the risks.
How to be on the right side of the law by establishing a procedural plan.
Benefits of Taking This Course
You will be able to draw up a food safety procedural plan and comply with regulatory requirements while keeping your customers safe and happy.
You will be able to choose your suppliers and transport methods wisely and avoid threats to food safety.
You will be able to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions in any of your food products.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Introduction to Food Safety
Module 02: Supplier and Transport Safety
Module 03: Preparing and Serving Safely
Module 04: Food Allergies
Module 05: Regulatory and Procedural Requirements



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