How Retargeting Works Certification

Course Code:
2.5 hours
How Retargeting Works Certification
Exams Included:
All modern browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
How Retargeting Works Certification
Have you ever browsed an online store, only to have the products you viewed follow you from website to website? This is how retargeting works, and it is an excellent way to convert web browsers to consumers.

Retargeting ensures that your brand gets in front of those who have already expressed an interest in you over and over again. Studies show that repeated exposure to brand, ads and messages can have a positive effect on your bottom line. In fact, research indicates that 70% of people exposed to retargeting ads return to the original site to complete the transaction.

This course goes into detail regarding retargeting on various web platforms. We begin by giving you an introduction to the concept of retargeting, including its benefits and examples.

Next, we talk about how you can use Google AdWords and Analytics in your remarketing campaign.

We also review retargeting on Facebook, providing you with specific tools you can use to reach out to your web visitors.

Finally, we talk about retargeting on other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

You Will Learn:
What retargeting is and why it should be a key part of your online marketing strategy
How to remarket using Google
Why you should learn more about Facebook Pixel
The various ways you can use Facebook Ads to reach out to your customers
What to do if you do not have the time or experience required to create your own retargeting campaigns
Benefits of Taking this Course
Learn how retargeting can improve your return on investment and increase your profits
Learn how to reach out to web visitors who may go to the competition if you do not act quickly
Get a better understanding of the needs of your audience
Learn how to remarket on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Learn how to make your conversion rate soar

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Introduction to Retargeting
Module 02: Retargeting on Google
Module 03: Retargeting on Facebook
Module 04: Retargeting on Other Platforms



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