How to Stop Smoking Certification

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How to Stop Smoking Certification
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Online (In-house also available )
How to Stop Smoking Certification
Cigarette smoking kills millions worldwide. Smoking is harmful to human health and causes various critical diseases. With effects ranging from the risk of developing heart disease and lung cancer to stroke, smoking is detrimental to humans.

Even so, people still continue to smoke and harm their health with nicotine found in tobacco. They become addicted to smoking and destroy their lives. It then becomes important to learn how to stop smoking, and this is what this course is all about.

We first discuss smoking and its harmful effects on human health. We provide statistics on how much smoking affects human health, often leading to death.

Next, we give the various benefits of stopping smoking. The range of benefits can act as motivating factors to help smokers quit the harmful habit.

The course covers various facets of quitting smoking. It explains the need to set a quit date and how to prepare for it. It explains what smokers must do or avoid during the first day on which they decide to stop smoking and how to go about it.

We also cover different techniques or methods to help stop smoking. No single technique can work for two smokers; hence, each must pick what works for their specific needs. Five important methods are discussed to help stop the habit.

The course also explains what it takes to keep on track to successfully quit smoking.

You Will Learn
How to stop smoking
Why smoking is harmful
The benefits of quitting smoking
Techniques to stop smoking
Alternatives to cigarettes
How to prepare to quit the smoking habit
Benefits of Taking This Course
Taking this course will help you:
Understand why it is important to stop smoking
Learn how to stop smoking and get started on the journey
Learn what is involved in quitting smoking
Eventually stop smoking and improve your health
Eventually save on the money used to buy cigarettes

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: How to Stop Smoking



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