HR: Creating an Employee Handbook Certification

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0.25 hours
HR: Creating an Employee Handbook Certification
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Online (In-house also available )
HR: Creating an Employee Handbook Certification
Developing a comprehensive and robust employee handbook is crucial if you want to see your organisation thrive. Handbooks tell employees exactly what is expected of them, helping them feel more confident in their positions. These documents also help deliver valuable information about company policies and procedures, so there is never any guesswork involved. This helps to keep you, your staff members and your entire company safe, even in an emergency situation. Additionally, handbooks can protect you from liability, since you can easily prove that all staff members are well-informed of the rules.

This course goes into detail about how to create an employee handbook. We begin by telling you exactly how to start brainstorming ideas, while also letting you know what sections are crucial for you to include regardless of your industry or the type of workplace you are running. The course also reviews important facts to keep in mind while drafting your policies to encourage greater employee compliance. Finally, we talk about a step that is often forgotten, reminding you of who you should consult with when you have finished drafting the document.

You Will Learn:
What a mission statement is and why your organisation needs one
How to write meaningful policies
Understanding why your staff members need certain polices explained
How to divide your handbook for maximum readability
What type of language you should focus on using throughout the handbook
Why visiting a solicitor upon completion of the handbook is essential
Benefits of Taking This Course
Understanding why you should never start your handbook by delivering dry information
Learning how to incorporate your mission statement into new employee materials
Learning the steps you should take to write an employee handbook from scratch
Learning the steps you should take when you are revising an existing document
Being able to determine which sections are necessary, regardless of industry

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: HR: Creating an Employee Handbook Certification



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