HTML and CSS Certification Level 1

Course Code:
2 hours
HTML and CSS Certification Level 1
Exams Included:
All major browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
HTML and CSS Certification Level 1
HTML5 is a useful web-programming language that allows you to create feature-rich apps that can run on a wide variety of devices. HTML5 combines the awesome power and flexibility of HTML4 along with multi-media rich features, and you are no longer at the mercy of Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android when you develop your own apps. In fact, after using HTML5, you can actually design your own app and promote it on the open web. It’s easier to develop apps with HTML5 as the programming language provides flexible cross-platform compatibility.

Important topics covered in the course include:
The video course on HTML5 teaches beginners (who may have no prior knowledge of HTML) the programming basics and explains other features throughout subsequent videos. Some of the topics covered include:

How to choose the correct text editor and browser for running HTML5 and how to open a new file and type in basic code
The concept of tags and how to include website text between the correct tags and how to nest tags in the right manner
How to preview your website as you develop it and using the correct syntax in code
How to use basic CSS files and commands to help your website content look better
How to create lists, links and tables and incorporate the instructions correctly in HTML5 code
How to use form and input tags to accept information from the user
Lab test exercises to test your skills after every video tutorial
Benefits of studying the course:
You can test your skills by doing the practice tests provided in the course
Your knowledge of the basics can enable you to learn more advanced levels of HTML5
You can start developing your own apps by using HTML5 code without depending on Google and Apple
Even those with zero programming knowledge can do this course and learn the terms and basics

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Introduction
Module 02: Basic Tools, Information & Terminology
Module 03: Activity – Create a Website from Scratch with Text
Module 04: Activity Solution – Review
Module 05: A Look at Common HTML5 Tags
Module 06: Using Elements – The Building Blocks of Web Creation
Module 07: Activity – Create a Website with Header Tags, Text & Code Comments
Module 08: Activity Solution – Review
Module 09: A Look at CSS
Module 10: The Basics of CSS
Module 11: Activity – Adding CSS Properties to Tags in Your Website
Module 12: Activity Solution – Review
Module 13: A Look at Lists & Links
Module 14: Unordered Lists, Ordered Lists, Hyperlinks & Attributes
Module 15: Activity – Create a Website to Include Lists and Links
Module 16: Activity Solution – Review
Module 17: A Look at Images in HTML5
Module 18: Adding Images to Your Website – The img Tag
Module 19: Activity – Create a Multi Web Page Website to Include Images
Module 21: A Look at How to Use Tables for Data
Module 22: Using the Table Tag to Display Data Clearly
Module 23: Activity – Create a Simple Website That Includes Tables
Module 24: Activity Solution – Review
Module 25: A Look at Webforms
Module 26: Building a Webform
Module 27: Activity – Create a Website to include a Form (Sign-Up Page)
Module 28: Activity Solution – Review



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