Introduction to Being a Sommelier Certification

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3 hours
Introduction to Being a Sommelier Certification
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All major devices and browsers
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Online (In-house also available )
Introduction to Being a Sommelier
Being a sommelier can be a lucrative profession for the right person. It involves a passion for wines and everything about them. The professionals understand how to prepare, pour, present and serve wine to customers in restaurants. They also know the right wine to pair with what food. With tastings, sommeliers can identify wines, including their characteristics. This course covers four modules as an introduction to being a sommelier.

What You Will Learn
The role of a sommelier
How to talk to sommeliers
How to become a sommelier
Qualifications and skills of a sommelier
Getting started with being a sommelier
The cost of attaining a certification
Potential earnings of sommeliers
How to become a master sommelier
Differences between a sommelier and a master sommelier
Benefits of Taking the Course
Determine if you want to become a sommelier
Learn what it takes to become a sommelier
Understand what certifications are needed
Determine if you want to be a sommelier or a master sommelie
Know the roles of a sommelier

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Introduction to Sommeliers
Module 02: How to Become a Sommelier
Module 03: Qualifications and Skills of a Sommelier
Module 04: The Right Place to Work, Self-Presentation and More



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