Legal Secretary Certification Level 3

Course Code:
10 hours
Legal Secretary Certification Level 3
Exams Included:
All major devices / browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Legal Secretary Certification Level 3
Working in the legal sector doesn’t require you to be a lawyer. Legal secretaries provide essential support to solicitors, assisting them to manage their case load, organise their diaries and organise their offices. This work often includes contact with clients.

The legal secretary certificate programme entails 15 hours of study, which will give you the tools, skills and knowledge necessary, in order to apply for a secretarial position in a legal firm or upgrade your team members’ existing skills.
Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded an industry-recognised certificate. Potential employers can verify your certificate on our website.

What’s Covered in the Course?
The legal secretary certificate provides you with essential information and advice, to ensure that you are productive in this role within any legal firm. Some of the aspects that you can expect to learn when taking the course online include:

The role of the legal secretary: what you will be expected to do and the general duties;
The practice of basic legal proofreading and report writing skills;
The importance of client confidentiality;
Knowledge of the English legal system;
The various court systems and structures;
An understanding of legal aid and who is eligible for this benefit;
Civil litigation;
Improved word processing and audio (listening) skills;
A working knowledge of wills and probate law, land and conveyancing practice, enabling you to be more involved and provide your team with the best possible support;
Family law, criminal law, company and business law and licensing laws;
Appeals, judicial reviews and case stated;
A glossary of legal terms;
Advice on how to find legal secretary positions and prepare for an interview.
What are the Benefits of the Course?
The course is online, conducted at your own pace and broken down into easy-to-manage modules, using any device linked to the internet;
Students have lifetime access to the modules, should they need to refresh their knowledge at a later date;
The ability to fast-track your career and develop the skills you need, in order to secure your preferred job or enhance the skills of existing employees;
Work full-time, while you complete your studies and increase your qualifications;
Secure an industry-recognised certification;
No entrance requirements;
Online support throughout your study experience;
Affordable price.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: General Duties and Day-to-Day Operations of a Legal Secretary
Module 2: Legal Writing and Proofreading Skills
Module 3: Client Confidentiality in Law Firms
Module 4: The English Legal System
Module 5: Court Systems and Structures
Module 6: Legal Aid
Module 7: Civil Litigation
Module 8: Land and Conveyancing Practice
Module 9: Wills and Probate Law Practice
Module 10: Family Law
Module 11: Criminal Law
Module 12: Company and Business Law
Module 13: Licensing
Module 14: Appeals, Judicial Review and Case Stated
Module 15: Skills for Success
Module 16: Finding Employment as a Legal Secretary
Module 17: Glossary of Legal Terms



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