Makeup Artist Diploma

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20 hours
Makeup Artist Diploma
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All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Makeup Artist Diploma
Do you have a passion for makeup and beauty? Do you love creating different characters using makeup? Do you enjoy trying new ideas every time you go out? Have you considered a career in makeup and just have not found the time or a course you can afford? Then we have the solution for you.

Introduction to the Makeup Artist Diploma Course

The makeup diploma is an effective online training course which comprises of twenty two information packed modules that include learning how to contour and how to apply the perfect smokey eye. The course takes approximately twenty hours to complete, enabling you to study in your own time and at your own pace.

The benefit to the makeup course is that you can study while working a full time job, studying from any device and at any time, as long as you have access to the internet.

What you will learn
The course is filled with twenty two modules which are designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about makeup from its history to how to use it. This includes over an hour of instructional video to help you fine tune your skills and achieve success moving forward.

Understand makeup artistry along with the latest trends.
Learn about the history of makeup, a time line of events and makeup through the centuries.
Know the role of a beauty makeup artist, what you will have to do, working conditions and more.
Get to know the skin, it’s anatomy through to products, techniques and problem solving common skin issues.
Know your tools. Get a good understanding on the different brushes you will have to use, how to care for them and how to choose a good quality brush.
Learn how to use the brushes in terms of length, shape and effective application.
Understand the uses of foundation, how to choose the right foundation, other products and application.
Get to understand corrective makeup, how to use tools and other products.
Learn the various makeup styles, day time, night time, angles and more.
Learn how to apply eye makeup along with common mistakes and eye shapes.
Learn about effective eyeliner techniques, mistakes and more.
Get to grips with brow grooming. Know how to groom the brows, benefits of brow grooming, mistakes and how to fix problem areas and mistakes.
Learn how to apply false eyelashes effectively.
Know how to apply cheek colour, along with blush types and facial shapes.
Understand how to apply lip colour, tips, benefits and mistakes.
Get to know the current beauty trends.
Learn about makeup in TV, film and magazines. Emphasising features, character makeup and more. Is this the position for you?
Know what hair styles work best with what makeup to ensure the two work seamlessly together.
Know how to maintain radiant skin from important steps to tips and advice.
Understand the different makeup techniques for different seasons. Know what makeup works in summer and winter. Get a good understanding on the latest season trends.
Learn some advanced techniques which can help you in your makeup career. Learn about contouring, useful tips, eye techniques and more.
Identify what you need to start and run your own beauty salon from management to health and safety and so much more.
There are numerous benefits you can take advantage of when choosing to complete this information packed course. The benefits include:

Course broken into twenty two easy to manage modules
Lifetime access to course content online
One full hour of instructional video
Start your own business with confidence
Fast track your career
Study at your own pace in your own time
Receive diploma on successful completion
Get a second chance to take the test in the event you do fail
Gain valuable insight into the makeup industry
Enjoy the convenience of online support throughout your study experience

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: What is Beauty and Makeup Artistry?
Module 2: History of Makeup
Module 3: Role of a Beauty Makeup Artist
Module 4: Skin Anatomy and Skin Care
Module 5: Tools Used by a Makeup Artist
Module 6: Working with Makeup Artist Brushes
Module 7: Skin Tone – Foundation Selection and Application
Module 8: Corrective Makeup Techniques
Module 9: Beauty Makeup Styles
Module 10: Eye Makeup
Module 11: Eyeliner Techniques
Module 12: Brow Grooming
Module 13: Lash Building Techniques/False Lash Application
Module 14: Cheek Colour Application
Module 15: Lip Colour Application
Module 16: Recent Beauty Trends
Module 17: Makeup in TV, Film and Magazines
Module 18: Hair Styling for Makeup
Module 19: Maintaining Radiant Skin
Module 20: Makeup for the Seasons
Module 21: Advanced Techniques
Module 22: Salon Management – Advertising Your Services/Business



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