Marketing Certification Level 2

Course Code:
8 hours
Marketing Certification Level 2
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Marketing Certification Level 2
As companies strive to boost their branding and improve revenues, the marketing department is at the forefront of driving the company’s image in the marketplace.

Responsible for the company’s product profile and advertising, the marketing department is the creative energy behind product sales.

This marketing certificate includes 15 easy-to-study modules, describing the knowledge and skills required, in order to enter into and advance in this field.

There are no entry requirements, so employees who are currently working in a marketing role or wish to move in that direction will benefit from this industry-accredited course.

What’s Covered in the Course?
The course begins with a definition and outline of the functions of marketing and how it is aligned to – but different from – the sales function. Marketing’s pivotal role in driving the success of the company is a theme that runs throughout the course.
Marketing is a strategic function and therefore requires a complete understanding of the business, its customers and its products. Failure to consider any of these key variables results in a less-than-optimum presence in the market. These elements are covered in modules on the importance of marketing and its roles and the fundamentals of marketing.
Marketing must understand the difference between customers’ needs and wants and be able to target these needs. For this, market information and analysis is fundamental to the marketer’s success, as well as knowledge of the business’s competition.
A study of the basic ‘marketing mix’ (product, price, promotion, place) encourages students to analyse their own marketing environment in a practical, hands-on way.
Creating a marketing plan that incorporates both offline and online marketing strategies – and setting budgets for the plan, in order to optimise your marketing spend – rounds off the course content.
What are the Benefits of the Course?
The certificate is offered as an online study course, which enables your employees to study from home or work and at their own pace;
Upon successfully passing the multiple-choice examination at the end of the course, your team member will be awarded with a unique certificate, which can be downloaded and printed immediately;
Online support is provided throughout the course;
Lifetime access to modules, so they can be referred to at a later date;
The chance to improve your knowledge and skills and start using what you have learnt without delay in the workplace.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Marketing – Its Definition and Reasons for its Use
Module 2 : The Importance of Marketing and its Roles
Module 3 : The Fundamentals of Marketing
Module 4 : Understanding Customer Needs for Marketing Purposes
Module 5 : Getting to Grips with the Marketing Environment
Module 6 : The Different Forms of Marketing
Module 7 : The Four P’s of Marketing
Module 8 : Offline Marketing
Module 9 : Online Marketing
Module 10 : Creating a Marketing Plan
Module 11 : Dealing with Budget Restraints and Getting Value for Money
Module 12 : Evaluating the Success of the Marketing Plan
Module 13 : Key Mistakes to Avoid Making with Marketing
Module 14 : Important Marketing Tools to Use to Your Advantage
Module 15: Key Bullet Points for Anybody to Keep in Mind About Marketing



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