Mobile App Marketing (ASO) Certification

Course Code:
3-4 hours
Mobile App Marketing (ASO) Certification
Exams Included:
All major browsers /devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Mobile App Marketing (ASO) Certification
Looking to develop a cool mobile app for your business? Mobile apps are used by billions of users all around the world and are an excellent way to reach out to your target audience.

Mobile apps are fun and easy to use, while providing education or information at the same time. The scope for business marketing using mobile applications is mind-boggling.

However, developing and marketing a mobile app of your own is easier said than done. The video course on developing mobile apps covers a number of crucially relevant topics, from writing your own code to tips on how to engage customers and how to get users to love your app.

What’s Covered in the Course?
Some of the useful things that you’ll learn in this video course include:

The best strategies for those who wish to develop their own app and feature it on Apple App Store or Google Play Store for download;
The best platforms that you should consider featuring your app on;
Reliable ways to launch your app and how to identify issues;
The differences between launching your app on iOS or Google Play;
How to earn revenue through ads, and how to decide between free and paid options;
Different ways to monetise your app, including adverts and the whale monetisation strategy;
How to identify keywords for higher traffic and rank highly on app stores;
How to increase customer engagement and keep customers from uninstalling the app;
How to help prevent users from uninstalling the app;
How to use Mobile Action tool to optimise your app, acquire customers and analyse download estimations;
How to achieve good reviews and increase session lengths, by adding videos, text content, adverts, chat, etc.
How to get users to keep using your app regularly, and how to get your app to go viral.
This video course offers the following benefits
The benefits of the course include:

Faster and better customer engagement;
Familiarity with marketing tools like Mobile Action;
Proven and effective marketing and ranking strategies for your app.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 02: Exercise – Keyword Research
Module 03: App Translation for More Downloads
Module 04: Apps as a Business
Module 05: App Success Patterns
Module 06: Should You Hire an Agency or a Developer to Build Your App
Module 07: Mobile App Platforms and Different App Stores
Module 08: Apple Email
Module 09: Winning Ways to Launch Your App
Module 10: Releasing Your App on iPhone or Android – Pros and Cons
Module 11: Revenue – Section Introduction
Module 12: Free vs. Paid – How Much Should You Charge for Your App
Module 13: Rewarded Ads Strategy for Apps
Module 14: App Monetization
Module 15: The Whale Monitization Pattern
Module 16: App Monetizaton Outside of App Store
Module 17: Make Money with Ads Using Smart Ad Mediation Software
Module 18: App Store Search (ASO) – Section Introduction
Module 19: ASO Keyword Research
Module 20: Practical Keyword Research Example
Module 21: App Store Ranking Signals
Module 22: How to Make Your App Strong and Competitive in App Store Search Results
Module 23: ASO for Complex Keywords
Module 24: App URL SEO
Module 25: Long Term Use for Apps
Module 26: How to Keep People from Uninstalling
Module 27: Introduction to Josh Shaeffer & MobileAction.co – New Keyword Research & ASO Tool
Module 28: How to Get Started with MobileAction.co
Module 29: Keyword Research with MobileAction.co
Module 30: App Intelligence & Recommended Actions from MobileAction.co
Module 31: How to Get Download Estimations from MobileAction.co
Module 32: ASO Keyword Suggestion Tool from MobileAction.co
Module 33: Tips to Keep People from Uninstalling
Module 34: How to Increase Session Lengths & Influence Your ASO Ranking
Module 35: Ways to Increase the Number of Good Reviews to Rank Higher in ASO
Module 36: How to Promote & Market Your App Outside of the App Stores
Module 37: Virality – Section Introduction
Module 38: Multiplayer
Module 39: How to Get People to Use the App Regularly
Module 40: How to Build in Virality to Your Mobile App
Module 41: Nifty YouTube Growth Hack for Mobile Apps
Module 42: Growth Hack to Get a Spike in Downloads, Increase Revenue & Get Featured
Module 43: Strategy to Compete in Competitive Niches
Module 44: How to Get More App Downloads with Your Email Signature
Module 45: Thoughts on Getting an Investment from Investors for Apps
Module 46: Landing Page – Section Introduction
Module 47: How Your App Store Listing Should Appear in Order to Increase Downloads
Module 48: How to Write the Mobile App Description
Module 49: How to Make an App Title
Module 50: How to Write an App Description
Module 51: How to Avoid Bad Reviews
Module 52: Surprising Ways to Make Your App Icon Beat Your Competition
Module 53: iTunes Keyword Field
Module 54: More Downloads by Translating Your App Titledesc into Additional Languages
Module 55: Tools & Techniques to Learn to Code on Your Own In a Few Months
Module 56: App Analytics Tools
Module 57: App Keyword Tools – Practical Ways to do Keyword Research
Module 58: Thoughts on Photo & Social Apps
Module 59: Reskinning Apps – How to Make Money & Get Downloads
Module 60: Six Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property
Module 61: My Favorite Podcast that Covers Mobile Apps
Module 62: How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Images When Promoting Apps
Module 63: How I Outsource
Module 64: Word of Caution About Partnering – Paul Graham
Module 65: Founder Dating
Module 66: Case Study – Knappily App
Module 67: Case Study – Stepping Out App
Module 68: Case Study: Vastu Compass App
Module 69: Case Study – TaskMania App
Module 70: Social Media Automation – Section Introduction
Module 71: HashTag Marketing
Module 72: Social Media Automation Tools
Module 73: Showing SocialOomph
Module 74: Pinned Post on Facebook
Module 75: Pinned Tweets
Module 76: YouTube Marketing for Apps – Section Introduction
Module 77: YouTube – Video or Channel
Module 78: YouTube SEO Crash Course
Module 79: Game Play YouTube Strategy
Module 80: Podcast for App Promotion
Module 81: Publicity – Section Introduction
Module 82: Your Publicity Story
Module 83: Podcasts for Apps
Module 84: The Exclusive
Module 85: Press Release Websites
Module 86: Apple SearchAds – Section Introduction
Module 87: Signing Up for Apple SearchAds
Module 88: Setting up Your First Apple Ad
Module 89: Setting Financial Information for Ads



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