Nail Technician Diploma Award

Course Code:
20 hours
NTDA (Nail Technician Diploma Award)
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Nail Technician Diploma
The nail technician diploma is a wonderful learning opportunity for anyone who has a passion for nail art and is interested in enjoying a long career in the nail industry or for anyone who is already a nail technician that wants to brush up on their knowledge and boost their career with a recognised certification.

Introduction to the Nail Technician Diploma

This nail technician diploma comprises of twenty five informative modules that takes around twenty hours to complete. The course is accompanied with a host of instructional videos, helpful illustrations, how to instructions, advice and more.

During the course you will have access to online support as you study the introduction to nails, how to start your own business, nail art, marketing your business and so much more.

The course is offered online at an affordable price, giving you the ability to study in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You can access the modules anywhere where you have an internet connection and from any device.

On completion you can download and print your certificate, which you can use to boost your career as a nail technician moving forward.

What You Will Learn
This course is brimming with twenty five modules designed to give you complete training in becoming a successful nail technician and providing you with guidance and insight to starting your own nail salon.

Understand nail technology and what a nail technician does.
Learn the different skin layers and how this plays a role in nail technology.
Get an understanding of nail anatomy, how fast nails grow and the different sections of the nail that you need to know as a nail technician.
Learn how to prepare your work area effectively. This module covers hygiene and the importance of cleaning your work area effectively between patients.
Understand the importance of consulting with your clients, offering guidance and how to give clients clear instructions on how to care for their nails moving forward.
Learn how to perform a manicure from the supplies you will need and how to shape the nails for the best results.
Learn the art of performing the perfect pedicure each and every time. This module will provide you with the advice you need from what supplies you will need to removing old nail polish to shining nails and more.
Understand the art of false nails from the supplies you will need to adding plastic tips, lengthening acrylics and finishing off acrylic nails perfectly.
This module will teach you how to incorporate a hand and arm massage into your nail appointment to provide your clients with an added service.
Understand all there is to know about gel nails and what makes them so popular. You will also get step by step instructions on completing gel nails along with a useful instructional video.
Get useful advice on using nail tips.
Learn all there is to know about nail art. Know why a base coat is so important, get inspiration for designs and more.
Get some valuable tips on nail maintenance and how to help your clients make their manicure and pedicure last longer.
The importance of health and hygiene and how to keep your work station clean at all times.
An introduction to salon management.
Advice on starting your own salon, working as a technician or starting a mobile business.
Learn how to set up a successful salon with decoration tips and advice.
Marketing, pricing and merchandising in your salon.
Understand about staffing your salon, employee law and everything you need to know when it comes to adding staff members to your salon.
Get valuable insight into customer relations management to ensure the highest levels of customer service at all times.
Learn to manage costs effectively, along with the importance of reporting and record keeping.
Benefits of the Nail Technician Diploma
Completing this diploma, whether you have no experience and are interested in a career in this industry, or you are already a technician that wants to brush up on your knowledge, you will find that the benefits are endless.

Some of the benefits include:

Improved career opportunities
Ability to enjoy consistent earnings
Study in the comfort of your own home online
Study at your own pace
Affordable study solution
No travelling costs
Recognised certification on successful completion and passing of the multiple choice test.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Introduction to Nail Technology
Module 2 : Anatomy of the Skin
Module 3 : Nail Anatomy
Module 4 : Preparing Your Work Area
Module 5 : Client Consultation and Communication, Preparing Your Client
Module 6 : How to Perform a Manicure
Module 7 : How to Perform a Pedicure
Module 8 : Artificial Nails
Module 9 : Hand and Arm Massage
Module 10 : Gel Nails
Module 11 : Nail Tips (Shaping and Painting & Artificial Tips)
Module 12 : Basic Nail Art
Module 13 : Nail Maintenance
Module 14 : Health and Hygiene
Module 15 : An Introduction to Salon Management
Module 16 : Start a salon, become a mobile technician, or work for someone else?
Module 17 : Setting up a Salon and Red Tape
Module 18 : Salon Decoration
Module 19: Marketing Your Nail Salon / Service
Module 20: Setting Your Pricing
Module 21: Merchandising Your Salon
Module 22: Employees and Staffing
Module 23: Customer Relationship Management
Module 24: Managing Costs
Module 25: Forms and Record Keeping



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