Office and Reception Management Certification

Course Code:
15 hours
Office & Reception Management Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices / browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Office and Reception Management Certification
It takes specific skills and an understanding of the dynamics of people, in order to efficiently run an office. This Office & Reception Management Certificate course is designed to provide an employee with those exact skills.

Demonstrating organisational competence in this field opens doors to advancing an employee’s career in the business.

This programme consists of 18 modules, designed to provide an insight into what is expected from a person working in an office environment.

The industry-approved certificate provides the employee with confidence-building skills, to enable them to move up in their career.

What’s Covered in the Course?
The 18 modules cover both office management and interpersonal problem-solving skills, as well as providing insight into the way in which the employee tends to react in these situations.

The office receptionist performs a vital role as the ‘face of the business’, creating a first impression that influences visitors’ perceptions of the organisation’s culture.

Communication skills, teamwork and office administrative systems, basic financial management – managing petty cash and office supplies – are also included, as well as the planning and scheduling of meetings, minute-taking and report-writing.
As the person in this position usually deals with colleagues at all levels of the organisation, it is important that they understand managerial issues and responsibilities.

Performance management and appraisals, staff promotions, recruitment and selection and compliance with equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace legislation are all covered, together with the importance of good health and safety practices.

The use – and abuse – of social media and its role in the office environment brings the learner up-to-date with the current thinking in this field.

The team member will learn:

How to handle staff and understand their performance;
The legal side of various policies and health and safety;
How to deal with customers and colleagues;
Financial aspects: petty cash and office supplies;
Office layouts;
The art of delegation;
Social media;
How to handle meetings, including chairing them.
What are the Benefits of the Course?
There are a number of clear benefits of completing this Office & Reception Management certificate, including:

A professional front-line receptionist improves the image of your business;
The ability to study at the employee’s pace and in the comfort of their own home;
Easy internet-based access to study material on any device;
Short, sharp, structured organisation of learning materials;
Industry-approved certification.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Introduction
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2 : Personality/Confidence
Module 3 : Meeting and Greeting customers
Module 4 : Effective Communication
Module 5 : Reception Workstation & Teamwork
Module 6 : Development & Implementation of new Administrative Systems
Module 7 : Recording office expenditure and managing the budget
Module 8 : Organising the office layout and maintaining supplies
Module 9 : Organising and chairing meetings
Module 10 : Ensuring adequate staff levels
Module 11 : Managing Performance
Module 12 : Delegation
Module 13 : Promoting Staff Development and Training
Module 14 : Implementing and Promoting an Equality and Diversity Policy
Module 15: Writing reports
Module 16: Health & Safety
Module 17: Attending Conferences and Training
Module 18: Management of Social Media



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