PowerPoint Diploma

Course Code:
15 hours
PowerPoint Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
PowerPoint Diploma
The PowerPoint Diploma course provides the knowledge and skills needed, in order to create and deliver PowerPoint (PPT) multimedia presentations.

Widely used in education, training and business environments, PowerPoint provides the vehicle for creating professional slideshows, videos and presentations. It incorporates many features, including the ability to produce handouts of the presentation.

This course provides the skills to add text, images and charts to any presentation.

The certificate is awarded, after successfully completing a multiple-choice examination at the end of the course. The certificate may be printed out, or – for a small fee – posted to the team member at their home.

What’s Covered in the Course?
Your employee will cover the following information:

Create and save a PowerPoint presentation;
Add, delete and arrange multiple slides;
Insert charts, captions, quotes and name cards;
Inserting and formatting text within your slides;
Working with text alignment, bullet points, line spacing and columns;
Utilise text direction and vertical alignment;
Inserting images, shapes, charts and creating photo albums;
Insert online and screenshot images;
Insert tables, text boxes, headers and footers;
Using SmartArt and other formatting features;
Converting your presentations into different formats;
Add and edit hyperlinks;
Transitions and animations;
Using Spell Checker and Thesaurus;
Create and add screen recordings within your slides;
Using linking and annotation features;
Adding notes and comments;
Use the handout and notes master tools.
What are the Benefits of the Course?
A competent working knowledge of this powerful communication tool adds value, both for the employee and for the organisation;
A comprehensive syllabus, covering all a user needs to know about designing PowerPoint presentations;
Improved levels of competence in the organisation;
As there are no deadlines for this course, learners may complete their training at their own pace or as part of an in-house study group;
Easy-to-manage course modules – this makes studying an enjoyable experience;
Online support is available throughout the course;
A certified and recognised diploma.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Navigating PowerPoint
Module 2 : Work with Slides
Module 3 : Work with Multiple Layouts
Module 4 : Work with Text
Module 5 : Work with Text Pt2
Module 6 : Working with Text Pt3
Module 7 : Tables
Module 8 : Insert an Image
Module 9 : Create a Photo Album
Module 10 : Use Shapes
Module 11 : Smart Art
Module 12 : Text Boxes
Module 13 : Headers & Footers
Module 14 : Use Videos
Module 15: Use Audio
Module 16: Recording Screen & Audio
Module 17: Slide Design
Module 18: Transition
Module 19 : Animations
Module 20 : Spell Check
Module 21 : Thesaurus
Module 22 : Comments
Module 23 : Inking
Module 24 : Outline View
Module 25: Slide Sorter
Module 26: Notes Page
Module 27: Reading View
Module 28: Handout Master
Module 29: Notes Master
Module 30: Zoom View
Module 31: New Window Option
Module 32: Cascade and Arrange Window Option
Module 33: Left Side Menu
Module 34: Templates
Module 35: Open Command
Module 36: Save As Option
Module 37: Print Command
Module 38: Convert PPT to PDF
Module 39: Convert PPT to Video
Module 40: Create Handouts
Module 41: Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
Module 42: Password Protect a PPT
Module 43: Find and Replace
Module 44: Replace Command
Module 45: Hyperlinks



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