PR Certification

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2 hours
PR Certification
Exams Included:
All major browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
PR Certification
Publicity is an important marketing tool for your business and good publicity is never generated by luck alone. You have to invest conscious effort into a reliable PR strategy and systematically work to get your business the visibility that it deserves. Publicity may not be directly responsible for an increase in sales, but it plays a crucial role in establishing brand awareness and credibility which in turn drive sales and business profits.

What’s Covered in the Course?
This video course on publicity covers important aspects of publicity for your business and how you can garner positive reviews for your product without breaking the bank. In addition to giving you expert tips from prominent publicity expert Bert Martinez, the course also explains the following topics in detail:

How publicity is important for brand awareness and as a marketing vehicle for your business
Deciding between a PR firm or a publicist and how SEO strategies help reinforce publicity
How to align yourself with celebrities even if you are new to the business and how noteworthy guests on your video or podcast can help add credibility to your image and business
The functions and roles of a publicist and how it can help your business gain visibility on the internet
The fundamental differences between direct response marketing and branding and how this affects publicity strategy
Press clubs, blogs and publicity strategies tested and proven for success and how to integrate these techniques in your business promotional campaign
Tips and secrets to writing a successful press release for your business and how to help optimise it for higher ranking
How to use publicity platforms like RadioGuestList and Haro to get the maximum publicity for your brand
This video course offers the following benefits
Studying the course on publicity can help you in the following ways:

You understand why publicity is extremely important for any product and how you should plan your own publicity campaign
You can now access useful tools like PRWEB, PRLOG and press clubs to get your product the publicity that it deserves
You learn how to work a good publicity campaign without necessarily spending thousands of pounds

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 02: How Publicity Can Help You Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Domain
Module 03: Definition and Explanation of What is Publicity
Module 04: How Publicity Will Help Your SEO and to Get Your Site to Rank in Google
Module 05: When to Hire a Publicity or PR Company
Module 06: What is a Publicist and How Does a Publicist Work
Module 07: Publicity to Get Branding vs. Direct Response Marketing
Module 08: How a New Business Can Try to Get Publicity
Module 09: Strategies For Publicity to Help Business Individuals Establish Their Brand
Module 10: What Are Press Clubs and How to Join Press Clubs
Module 11: How to Use Your Blog to Get Publicity and Position Yourself as an Authority
Module 12: How to Align Yourself with Celebrities Using Publcity
Module 13: How to Get Publicity for a Book
Module 14: Using PRWEB and PRLOG Press Release Services
Module 15: Tips for Writing a Press Release
Module 16: How to Use Publicity Stunts to Get Publicity
Module 17: How to Get Noteworthy Guests on Your Show
Module 18: Twitter Hashtags to Get Links and Publicity
Module 19: 10 Ways to Get Press Coverage
Module 20: A Service from RadioGuestList.com to Get You Publicity
Module 21: How to be Successful in Getting Publicity on HARO: Step by Step – 1
Module 22: How to be Successful in Getting Publicity on HARO: Step by Step – 2
Module 23: How to Write Good Headlines That Increase Clickthrough
Module 24: How to Write a Press Release – 1
Module 25: How to Write a Press Release – 2
Module 26: SEO For Your Press Release
Module 27: How to Get Publicity from Events
Module 28: Real World Example – 1
Module 29: Real World Example – 2
Module 30: Persistence
Module 31: First Steps
Module 32: Tips On Reaching Out To People
Module 33: Getting On The Radio
Module 34: Summing Up and Parting Words
Module 35: Conclusion



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