Prioritisation Certification

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Prioritisation Certification
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Prioritisation Certification
Prioritisation is an essential skill, regardless of your profession or industry. In the business world, it is particularly important. Failing to complete tasks in the order in which they need to be done can be incredibly detrimental to your productivity, your bottom line and your company’s profits.

Trying to acquire this skill on your own can be challenging and is often done through trial and error. For a busy entrepreneur, you do not have time for any mistakes. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can build this skill without wasting time or risking failure.

This course goes into detail about the ways in which you can improve your own prioritisation skills.

We begin by talking about prioritisation in general, along with its importance and the challenges that many people face in this area.

Next, we move on to discuss one method that you can use to divide up your list of tasks according to urgency and importance. We also give you a second model that you can use to help further rank your to-do list.

Finally, we review two of the best strategies to use to ensure that you get your work done.

You will Learn:
The definitions of urgency and importance in a business context
The four categories you can use to divide up your tasks
What it means to prioritise and why it is important
The best model to use when you are faced with too many tasks
Strategies for effective prioritisation
Benefits of Taking this Course
Learning how to evaluate and reflect on your tasks
Understanding why you need to write your tasks down instead of simply keeping a mental list of them
Understanding the role that reach, impact, confidence and effort play in prioritisation
Learning why scheduling your day is crucial to prioritisation as well as task management
Being able to run a more productive workplace and feel less stress on a day to day basis

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Prioritisation



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