Programming Certification Level 1

Course Code:
20+ hours
Programming Certification Level 1
Exams Included:
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Programming Level 1
Smartphones, electric cars and the internet of things are some of the major technological advancements of human civilization. Interestingly, the one thing that all these advancements have in common is that they are all built using code. If technology continues to flourish the way it has in just the last 20 years, then understanding how machines work can be a very useful tool. More than being just useful, knowing how to be a developer can not only pave the way for many professional opportunities, but it can also enhance the brain’s functionality.

Over the course of the years, many jobs have become obsolete, but the advancement of technology has been consistent. Over time, computer programming has become more and more comprehensive. Learning how to code – even if it is just the basics – will serve as a foundation to any developer’s education. Not only will it be beneficial in building coding knowledge, but also in building a portfolio of work.

This Learn to Program course will take an in-depth look at computer programming and will begin to prepare you for a career in developing.

What you will learn in this course:
Learn about the basic structures common to all programming languages and environments
Learn the basics of Python and how to use HTML 5 to write code
How to develop a mobile device
The course is made of video structures and practical lab applications
Python is a great beginner’s language
Learn about displaying text concepts and the separation of concerns
The basics of styling with CSS and the more complex aspects of CSS such as learning about Box Models and layouts
Learn about input, output, and variables
Learn about the importance of “if’ statements – otherwise known as conditionals – and how to use them in programming and the frequency in which they are used
Learn about functions
Learn how to organise and structure real-life data
Learn the benefits of using tables and how they can be used in programming
Understand full-stack web applications
Course Benefits:
You will get exposure to the major types of programming used today – it will teach you the fundamentals of development
You will get to complete some real professional-level tasks
Know how to make your CSS responsive
Be able to identify the similarities and benefits among the different languages – this will not only improve coding skills, but will also pave the way for more professional opportunities
Create more professional opportunities



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