Retail Banking Certification

Course Code:
12 hours
Retail Banking Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices / browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Retail Banking Certification
Retail banking is increasing in popularity throughout the world, as banks compete to take market share of private clients. It is different to traditional banking, in that it focuses on the customer and their needs, putting packages and plans in place, to ensure that the client’s financial needs are met.

Anyone already in the banking industry or interested in a career within the banking industry can gain insight and benefit from this course.

This course is perfect, if you wish your employees to gain a full insight into the world of retail banking and, upon completion, will end in an industry-recognised certification.

What’s Covered in the Course?
This course is designed to provide your employee with the required knowledge and skills, in order to be effective when it comes to retail banking. The team member can expect to learn the following:

An introduction to retail banking: understand what this type of banking is and why it is important to banks, both now and in the future;
The various financial systems and how they link to retail banking;
The different types of banking and banking channels;
The different retail banking products and how these differ from traditional banking products.
What sets retail banking apart from banking that has been used for years;
An understanding of retail mortgages and loans and why this is important in today’s marketplace;
Various banking services and how these relate to retail banking;
The different banking payment systems that improve the customer experience and meet customers’ unique banking and financial needs;
Various banking operations that will be beneficial to the team member in the retail banking sector;
The importance of great customer service;
Money laundering: what it is, how it is carried out and what to watch out for, in order to reduce the risk of this happening within your bank.
What are the Benefits of the Course?
Up-to-date knowledge and skills regarding UK banking systems and practices;
The ability to study online from anywhere, at any time, using any internet-linked device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone;
A comprehensive course, broken down into manageable modules;
Online support during the course, with lifetime access to all modules – they can be revisited as and when required.
Upon successful completion of the course, you can instantly download and print an industry-recognised and uniquely verifiable certificate.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Introduction to the Concept of Retail Banking
Module 2 : Financial Systems and an Overview of Banking Systems
Module 3 : Definition of Banks and Different Types of Banking with an Emphasis on Banking Channels
Module 4 : Job Opportunities and Careers in the Retail Banking Industry
Module 5 : Retail Banking Housing Loans and Mortgage Services
Module 6 : Retail Banking Services and Products
Module 7 : Understanding the Features of Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Module 8 : Retail Banking Services and Operations: Funds Transfer and Remittances
Module 9 : Financial Services offered by Retail Banks
Module 10 : Financial Services offered by Retail Banks – Insurance Products and Bancassurance
Module 11 : Banking Services in the Retail Sector Part III Gold, Safekeeping of Valuables, SIPP/Pension Funds, Payment of Utility Bills and Taxes, etc.
Module 12 : Banking Practices in the Retail Sector Part IV: Customer Relationship Management and Marketing of Banking Services
Module 13 : Islamic Banking Overview, Important Principles, and Benefits
Module 14 : Money Laundering Definition and Techniques, Adverse Effects and Countermeasures



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