Starting an Ecommerce Business Certification

Course Code:
3 hours
Starting an Ecommerce Business Certification
Exams Included:
All major browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Starting an Ecommerce Business Certification
In today’s world of business, it’s an absolute given that if you’re not online with your product or service, you’re going to lose out on customers and revenue. Every business entrepreneur needs to market his or her products online and engage with prospective customers in order to help the brand establish visibility and generate revenue. However, this process involves in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords, Facebook and other ecommerce websites to promote your products and business.

Affiliate marketing is another way to promote your business by allowing others to resell your products and services and offering them rewards (monetary or otherwise).

What’s Covered in the Course?
The video course on ecommerce covers the following useful topics:

How to identify potential bloggers and influencers who can help promote your product and how to recruit them for your purpose
How to create your affiliate offer and include successful case studies to attract more affiliates
How to give away free e-books as part of your marketing strategy with a careful eye on copyright issues
Tips on how to use email marketing and autoresponders to engage prospective customers
Using online tools to retarget audience and identify customers who are interested in your product
How to use keywords, descriptions and product feeds to create effective marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Facebook
How to use different features of Google AdWords and manage large product feeds
How to connect Google AdWords to your account and finalise the ads that will run on your website
This video course offers the following benefits
Studying the course on ecommerce can help you in the following important ways:

You can identify, attract and recruit the most suitable influencers and bloggers for your target audience
You learn how to use email marketing tools to create automatic sequences of emails and thereby start an effective marketing campaign into motion
By gaining insights into Google AdWords and Facebook marketing tools, you can give your business an extra edge over the competition

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 02: Overall Stratergy
Module 03: Types of eCommerce
Module 04: SEO for eCommerce
Module 05: SEO with Long-Tail Keywords
Module 06: Voice Search
Module 07: Creating Accounts and Products on Amazon
Module 08: Jungle Scout
Module 09: 7 Principles of Reviews
Module 10: Amazon Reviews
Module 11: Get Reviews from Within Books
Module 12: Tips for Getting Reviews from Shipped Products
Module 13: Getting Reviews from Product Listing Pages
Module 14: Contacting Reviewers
Module 15: Responding to Reviewers
Module 16: Reviews of Freelancing Sites
Module 17: How to Close Freelancing Jobs
Module 18: Reviews on Mobile Apps
Module 19: Yelp & Google Reviews
Module 20: The Difference Between Adwords and Merchant Center
Module 21: The Differences Between Google Shopping & Google Adwords
Module 22: Website Verification
Module 23: Creating a Merchant Account
Module 24: Creating a Product Feed
Module 25: Filling Out Your Product Feed
Module 26: Filling Out The Product Feed – Part 2
Module 27: Setting the Keywords in Your Title
Module 28: Optimising the Description Field
Module 29: Connecting Adwords to Your Google Merchant Account
Module 30: Running Ads
Module 31: Dealing with a Large Product Feed
Module 32: Google Ads Retargeting
Module 33: How to Install Facebook Pixel
Module 34: Lookalike Audience
Module 35: Finalising Your Retargeting Ads
Module 36: Email Marketing
Module 37: Email Marketing Providers
Module 38: Creating Your Email Marketing List
Module 39: Creating an Autoresponder
Module 40: Autoresponder Settings
Module 41: Email Popups
Module 42: How to Recruit Affiliates
Module 43: Recruit Affiliates from Aggregator Sites



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