Tackling Sensitive Workplace Conversations Certification

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0.75 hours
Tackling Sensitive Workplace Conversations Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Tackling Sensitive Workplace Conversations Certification
An inescapable and unavoidable part of managing any workplace or leading any team is dealing with difficult situations.

Having sensitive workplace conversations with anyone, regardless of their position or the purpose of the talk, is not something that anyone looks forward to. Unfortunately, failing to have these critical conversations can backfire, leading to tense situations, repeated mistakes and increased workplace drama.

Having conversations regarding sensitive topics is just as important to keeping your workplace running smoothly as paying the bills and hiring skilled staff members.

This course goes into detail about sensitive workplace conversations, recognising how hard they are to have and how stressful they can make you feel beforehand.

We begin by discussing four specific issues that often arise in workplaces, along with a few suggestions on how to start these conversations.

Next, we give you the information that you need, to adequately prepare for these conversations and explain why you should never discuss a sensitive topic without preparation.

Finally, we discuss the best locations in your office to host these types of conversations and explain why you should focus on privacy.

You Will Learn:
Information regarding the four most common sensitive topics
Tips on how to broach these topics, along with examples
Why you need to prepare for these conversations in advance
Preparation tips and cautionary advice on how to make these conversations more effective
Where you should have sensitive conversations to ensure privacy
Benefits of Taking this Course
Learning how to effectively manage your staff with less stress
Learning the tools that you need to handle sensitive conversations on all topics
Understanding the importance of listening, when having these talks
Understanding the importance of timing, when having these conversations
Learning who you should follow up with after your sensitive conversation

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: Tackling Sensitive Workplace Conversations



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