Touch Typing and Shorthand Certification

Course Code:
7 hours
Touch Typing and Shorthand Certification
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Touch Typing and Shorthand Certification
Touch typing is a skill with powerful benefits, including: enhanced productivity, improved focus, increased speed, accuracy, job opportunities and even health. When you know how to touch type you open up a whole new world of productivity and information management capability.

Shorthand is a skill and an art. Many people have no idea of it’s incredible potential for recording information, whether this is for note taking during lectures, meetings and official events, or for recording interviews. Learning shorthand allows you to take down notes at double the speed of longhand writing used by most people. This skill is not only helpful, it’s actually essential for certain professions, including journalism, minute taking and stenography.

This course has been designed for office workers, typists, writers, journalists, professionals, employers, business owners and anyone who wants to work in one of these fields or individuals who simply want to improve their typing or note taking ability.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about touch typing and shorthand, delivered in an accessible, straightforward tone and divided into different modules that you can progress with at whatever pace suits your needs.

The course includes diagrams and reference material to help you understand the technical aspects such as keyboard layout, and tools and techniques for you to apply the knowledge you learn practically, including exercises, tests and worksheets to reinforce the knowledge.

What you will learn
This course teaches you:

Different styles of typing and how they impact speed and quality
How to train your fingers and brain to create muscle memory for effective touch typing
The basic finger position and posture needed to prevent injury and aid typing speed
Key drills for each hand to gradually build up the neurological connections needed for touch typing
The ancient origins of shorthand and why written script is inefficient
The theories and practical development of your own short hand style
Benefits of taking this course
After taking this course you will:

Have an enhanced typing speed and a foundation for accuracy and quality
Undo bad typing habits and develop a posture that ensures long term safety
Understand exactly how to enhance your note taking speed and apply it to your role
Have a personal reference book of shorthand abbreviations you can use immediacy
Have systematic and regular practices to continually improve typing and shorthand
Feel confident in your ability to effectively and efficiently take notes and record information
Modern business relies on the effective capture of information, but most people are wasting time and effort doing it ineffectively. Learning to touch type and write with shorthand can easily double your productivity, while empowering your fingers to do the hard work frees up your brain to think more clearly. Free you mind and speed up your work with touch typing and shorthand today.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 1: Touch Typing Fundamentals
Module 2: Touch Typing Practice
Module 3: Shorthand Fundamentals
Module 4: Shorthand Theory and Practice
Module 5: Personal Development



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