YouTube Channel Marketing Certification

Course Code:
2 hours
YouTube Channel Marketing Certification
Exams Included:
All major browsers and devices
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
YouTube Channel Marketing Certification
The outreach and power of YouTube works excellently for small businesses, including those who have limited physical channels of distribution. An interesting and high-quality video on YouTube helps generate traffic to your website and attracts attention from prospective users.

In order to be able to maximise your usage of YouTube, you need to be familiar with its numerous features and tools. This video course on YouTube covers a number of important topics, including the following:

What’s Covered in the Course?
How to search for the right keywords using the Google Search tool, and how to embed those keywords on your title and subtitles, in order to drive traffic;
How to get your video listed next to trending YouTube videos;
How to get more comments and thumbs ups;
Using the snowball marketing effect;
How to live stream your video for the first time;
How to insert adverts;
How to use recommendation algorithms and other tools, to increase traffic to your business website;
How to use the ‘Featured Video’ option, to generate more interest in your product;
How to create an impactful YouTube video, including voice quality, images, pacing, communication, and so on;
How to use hashtags;
How to use Facebook marketing and pinning.
This video course offers the following benefits
The numerous benefits of becoming familiar with the tools and features of YouTube videos include:

An understanding of how to use the different features of YouTube, to maximise viewership;
A clear idea of which YouTube videos are working best for your purposes;
As you become familiar with SEO strategies, you can experiment with your budget, to see which advertising is best for you – this way, you don’t have to waste your hard earnt money from the beginning;
You will be able to create high-quality, interesting and well-structured videos that run for longer times;
You can generate revenue from video viewership;
You can use YouTube to effectively showcase your brand, create a community of followers and market your products to a wide target audience.

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 02: Market Research Exercises
Module 03: YouTube End Screen
Module 04: Professional YouTube Marketing Video
Module 05: Overview of My YouTube Channel
Module 06: YouTube Recommended Videos
Module 07: YouTube SEO – Section Introduction
Module 08: Starting Keyword Research with Google Keyword Tool
Module 09: Competitor Keyword Research
Module 10: Keyword Permutations
Module 11: On Page YouTube SEO
Module 12: How I Rank Videos for Competitive Search Terms
Module 13: YouTube Ranking Factors
Module 14: How to Get More Thumbs Up
Module 15: How to Get More YouTube Comments for SEO
Module 16: How to Get Viewed for Longer
Module 17: More Benefits from Longer Watched Videos
Module 18: Embedding Videos to Get Them to Rank
Module 19: Search to Intent Match
Module 20: Intent Match Influencing
Module 21: Views for New Videos
Module 22: How to Amplify Views with Triple Play Combination
Module 23: How to Increase Sales and Traffic from Your Email Signature
Module 24: YouTube CC
Module 25: Close Look at Recommendation Algorithm
Module 26: Playlists to Boost Recommendations
Module 27: My Recommendation Video Example
Module 28: Secret to How I Make YouTube Videos Rank in Google Search
Module 29: My Overall Channel Strategy and Insights
Module 30: Strategy for New Channels
Module 31: What Will Help Your Show Be More Successful
Module 32: Strategies to Make Money from Your Channel
Module 33: How to Sell from About Page on YouTube
Module 34: YouTube Pinned Comment
Module 35: Downloading Streaming Software
Module 36: Going Live First Time
Module 37: YouTube Live – Tips While Live
Module 38: YouTube Live Streaming Tips
Module 39: Featured Video to Get More Views
Module 40: Making a Unique Channel URL
Module 41: YouTube Returning vs New Visitors
Module 42: Topic Coverage Current or Evergreen
Module 43: Release – Daily, Weekly or Monthly
Module 44: Longer vs. Shorter Episodes
Module 45: YouTube AdWords – Section Introduction
Module 46: Creating Your Account
Module 47: Starting With Our First Ad
Module 48: InStream vs DiscoveryAds
Module 49: Budget CPV and More
Module 50: Location
Module 51: Starting with AdGroup
Module 52: How to Decide for InStream Ad
Module 53: Adding Your Video to Ad Group
Module 54: What to Write in Headline Description
Module 55: Setting CPV
Module 56: Demographic Targeting
Module 57: Interests and Topics
Module 58: Keywords
Module 59: Social Media Automation – Section Introduction
Module 60: All the Benefits of Social Media and Automation
Module 61: HashTag Marketing
Module 62: Social Media Automation Tools
Module 63: Showing SocialOomph
Module 64: Pinned Tweets on Twitter
Module 65: Pinned Post on Facebook
Module 66: RT Team
Module 67: Facebook Ads – Section Introduction
Module 68: How to Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager
Module 69: Which Facebook Ad to Choose
Module 70: Setting the Targeting for Your Ad
Module 71: Creating the Ad Format
Module 72: Targeting Pro Tip
Module 73: Lookalike Audience
Module 74: Facebook Page Basics
Module 75: Elements of Videos to Improve
Module 76: YouTube Hints at What to Improve



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