Zoom Certification

Course Code:
4 hours
Exams Included:
All major devices and browsers
Delivery method:
Online (In-house also available )
Zoom Certification
The technological changes within the world have led to many activities being conducted in an online forum. Examples of these activities include conducting meetings and conversations online. Zoom is an online communication tool that provides users with the ability to perform such meetings.

These are a variety of excellent features incorporated into the design of the Zoom platform to provide the best performance and help eliminate the adverse effects of communicating in an online forum. These features help deliver real-time solutions during meetings and enhance the overall performance of these meetings.

However, the platform’s wide array of features can be incredibly confusing for new and experienced users to navigate. The purpose of this course is to help familiarise users with these features and show them how to effectively implement the functionality of these features into their meetings and gain the best performance.

Moreover, we also provide tips on using these features in the best way possible to ensure that you and the participants attending these meetings have an enjoyable and seamless experience. The negative aspects of the Zoom platform are also addressed with solutions to combat these negative aspects. This includes ‘Zoombombing’ and many other technical issues that come with conducting meetings in an online forum.

You Will Learn:
What Zoom is
How to use all of the basic Zoom Meeting features (with step-by-step guides)
You should follow the correct procedures when using the recording feature, Zoom microphone, and the entire Zoom platform
What is Screen Sharing, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Rooms, along with how to effectively use these features
The Benefits of Taking this Course:
You can assist others who wish to navigate the Zoom platform
You can use skills that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your meetings
Better methods of conducting meetings can help create more informed, knowledgeable, and motivated team members

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 01: The Fundamentals
Module 02: Joining and Scheduling Meetings
Module 03: Additional Zoom Features
Module 04: Add-ons and Pricing Plans
Module 05: The Correct Zoom Procedures



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