There’s currently an accessible housing consultation, asking what needs to happen to make sure there will be enough accessible housing built. We need you to reply, and tell them why you think it’s important.

Have you found it difficult to find your first home? Have you found it difficult to move? Have you had to wait for years and put your dreams on hold? Has your inaccessible home had an effect on your physical or mental health? What else do the government need to know about accessible housing?

Click here to participate in the consultation

Or you can let me know by email and social media and I’ll add your view into my response, named or anonymous, whatever works for you.

I remember finding out about the shortage of accessible housing the hard way. I needed to find a house without steps, and it was like looking for a needle in Loch Ness. Eventually, I found somewhere, but I know many who are still searching, or waiting on council lists hundreds long with no end in sight.
Research shows  that 1.8 million disabled people have an unmetaccessible housing need.
Research also shows that the majority of councils aren’t doing anything to end the shortage of accessible housing, despite having a legal duty to have due regard to the needs of disabled people (Public Sector Equality Duty, Equality Act 2010).

We need to make it clear that accessible housing is needed as standard.
There are 5 options in the consultation. The only one that guarantees action will be taken to increase the supply of wheelchair accessible housing is Option 4. If you agree that this is important, please reply to the consultation.
If you disagree with me but prefer any option that isn’t do nothing, please also reply to the consultation.
We can solve this problem and make sure that all disabled people have somewhere safe to call home.

Thank you

Fleur Perry is a campaigner and disability activist with years of experience in housing and tenancy law

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