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Font Size Isn’t the Only Factor: How to Make your Documents Readable for People with Visual Disabilities

One of the first things people think about when making printed media accessible is a larger font size.  It’s usually recommended that a size 16- to 24-point body be used. However, by increasing the font size, other things need to be addressed.  Larger font means that the text will take up more room on the […]

Accessible Print Design: Big Type isn’t Enough

A few weeks ago, we discussed ways to make your website more accessible, but the access train doesn’t stop there!  Print design, despite being a far older medium, is still not always accessible to everyone.  The interesting thing is, mass-printed media was originally intended to be accessible to all.  Gutenberg invented the printing press so […]

Getting the Most Out of College When You Have a Disability

Going off to college is a big step for anyone.  People with disabilities who go to college may have a few more hurdles to jump over. It’s still very possible, though.  Most colleges have been in session for a few weeks now, so this is the perfect time to talk about getting the most out […]

10 Ways Offices Can Be More Accessible

The world isn’t built for disabled people.  Offices, like many places in the world, aren’t always accessible to people with disabilities.  A lot of the time, it’s the little things that can be fixed in fifteen minutes; but because it’s not something that bothers most people, it doesn’t get addressed.  And to make things even […]

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