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Flight, Accessibility, and All Wheels Up

Flying can be nightmarish for everyone.  Between getting through security and hoping your bags don’t get lost along the way, everyone has a story they tell.  As much of a hassle as it is, flying allows for easier travel and lets people travel the world. However, as it stands now, airplanes are not easy — […]

Is Universal Design Possible?

One would think that, in this day and age, a public place being accessible would be a given.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even newer builds, who often boast about how accessible they are, often have things that are inaccessible to certain people.  They follow the laws of the ADA (or equivalent), but that doesn’t […]

Popular Mainstream Products Created with Disability in Mind

There are so many items we use or see everyday that have its roots in disability accessibility.  Some are more obvious than others, while there are some that most people don’t realize what the original intent was for.  When these items make it into the mainstream, it allows for cheaper pricing and easier access for […]

Are Your Office Events Accessible for Everyone?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you’ve worked a full-time job for any amount of time, you’ve engaged in work-related things outside of your office.  Whether it be a business trip to visit clients, a development conference, or just a team-building retreat, these activities usually require you to […]

In Case of Emergency, What About Your Disabled Employees?

It’s important for everyone to have an “In Case of Emergency” plan.  Having a disability only adds to the steps needed to take in order to be safe in all kinds of situations.  Things like fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes don’t warn you when they’re coming, so you need to be prepared at all times. Does […]

Accessible Date Ideas

Dating and relationships are difficult.  Add a disability to the mix, and it increases the difficulty 1000x.  Different disabilities have different limitations, so not everyone can do the traditional “dinner and a movie” thing.  If your date uses a feeding tube, for example, dinner isn’t something they might be doing (some people with feeding tubes […]

Disability Life Hacks To Make Life More Accessible

The world is not accessible.  There are plenty of barriers, beit doors without automatic openers, or stairs to access a door.  And unfortunately, not even our homes and/or office are always accessible. However, that rarely stops people from coming up with innovative solutions, aka hacks, to problems.  I’ve found that I see the world differently […]

6 More Accommodations to Make For Employees with Disabilities

A little over a month ago, we had an article discussing 10 ways you can make your office more accessible.  That article, however, focused more on physical/mobility disabilities and failed to give some accommodations for people with other kinds of impairments.  Not all disabilities are the ones you can easily spot. For instance neurodivergent disabilities, […]

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