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Flight, Accessibility, and All Wheels Up

Flying can be nightmarish for everyone.  Between getting through security and hoping your bags don’t get lost along the way, everyone has a story they tell.  As much of a hassle as it is, flying allows for easier travel and lets people travel the world. However, as it stands now, airplanes are not easy — […]

Is Universal Design Possible?

One would think that, in this day and age, a public place being accessible would be a given.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even newer builds, who often boast about how accessible they are, often have things that are inaccessible to certain people.  They follow the laws of the ADA (or equivalent), but that doesn’t […]

Disability Laws in the US: the ADA

In 1990, The United States introduced the Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as the ADA.  In it’s almost 25 years of existence, it has made the country more accessible to everyone. We previously went over the Equality Act 2010, and discussed how disability is defined, how employment discrimination works, and a few various other […]

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