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Hidden Truths About Managing a PCA Team

Requiring help to live your daily life is something loads of people with disabilities are familiar with.  There’s something unique about it, and the lessons that go along with it are certainly one of a kind. Since going off to college and having to rely on help other than my family, I’ve noticed several truths […]

Interviewing, Hiring, and Training a New PCA

The only thing more difficult than finding potential PCAs (Personal Care Assistants) is the interviewing.  If you’re new to hiring PCAs, the whole process can be overwhelming. This person could potentially be your second set of hands for the foreseeable future.  How are you supposed to know after one interview if this person and you […]

Unique Places to Look For Personal Care Assistants

Nobody goes through life without help.  Nobody’s alone. People with physical disabilities, especially those with severe mobility issues, require more help than those who are able-bodied.  We need help with everything, from getting ready in the morning to going to bed at night. This help comes in the form of personal care assistants (or attendants, […]

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