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Facebook is Changing the Disability Community

Going through life alone, regardless of ability, is isolating.  Sure, you may have friends and family who care for you, but they don’t understand what you’re dealing with.  And it’s nobody’s fault, they just can’t relate. But not having that connection, especially one that impacts your entire life, can make it harder on the relationship […]

Hidden Truths About Managing a PCA Team

Requiring help to live your daily life is something loads of people with disabilities are familiar with.  There’s something unique about it, and the lessons that go along with it are certainly one of a kind. Since going off to college and having to rely on help other than my family, I’ve noticed several truths […]

Pimp My Wheelchair: Simple and Inexpensive DIY Modifications

Wheelchairs come with the bare essentials.  We don’t get choices of seat-warmers, back-up cams, or a lot of things cars do.  But that doesn’t mean our wheelchairs can’t be made functional. Out of necessity, people add modifications to their wheelchair, scooter, and other mobility devices to give them more features.  Some are expensive and unnecessary, […]

Popular Mainstream Products Created with Disability in Mind

There are so many items we use or see everyday that have its roots in disability accessibility.  Some are more obvious than others, while there are some that most people don’t realize what the original intent was for.  When these items make it into the mainstream, it allows for cheaper pricing and easier access for […]

Individuals With Disabilities Who Are in the Workforce: Interview with Jacob Huff

It’s been a few months since we interviewed individuals with disabilities in the workforce for our blog, and I can think of no better person to bring them back than with Jacob Huff.  I’ve known Jacob for over ten years, and he’s one of my best friends. He has grown so much since I met […]

Are You Practicing Disability Etiquette?

Growing up, most people were taught “please and thank you are the magic words!” and other basic manners.  In society today, there are certain norms you’re supposed to adhere to, such as saying “please” and “thank you”.  Basic etiquette allows us to live in groups with few problems. But do you know basic etiquette when […]

Winter Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

We’ve talked a couple of times about accommodations in the workplace.  Accommodations allow your employees with disabilities to do their job and are often easy to fulfill.  With winter at our doorstep, or here already in some places, it’s time to talk about seasonal accommodations.  The colder weather brings with it a lot of factors […]

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