The Disability Union


The Problem with the Definition of Disability

What defines disability?  According to dictionary.com, disability can be defined as “lack of adequate power, strength, or physical or mental ability; incapacity.”  On the surface, this makes sense.  People who are extremely weak, both physically and mentally, are who one might think of as “disabled.”  Where this definition begins to fall apart though, is when […]

The Problem with Promposal Inspiration Porn

Ah, prom.  To be a highschooler again, excited for the summer, but arguably more excited for the upcoming dance.  During this time of year, a lot of stories come out about students with various disabilities being asked to prom in spectacular, over-the-top ways.  The stories of students asking disabled students to prom spread through social […]

A Beginners Guide to Inspiration Porn

Ask almost anyone with a visible disability, and they’ll tell you that they’ve been called an inspiration.  They might have even been called an inspiration that very day. Most people say it as a genuine compliment. To them it really is inspiring that, despite not having their level of ability, we’re still able to get […]

Are You Practicing Disability Etiquette?

Growing up, most people were taught “please and thank you are the magic words!” and other basic manners.  In society today, there are certain norms you’re supposed to adhere to, such as saying “please” and “thank you”.  Basic etiquette allows us to live in groups with few problems. But do you know basic etiquette when […]

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