Child Minding Certification

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0.75 hours
Child Minding Certification
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All major devices and browsers
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Online (In-house also available )
Child Minding
When it comes to childcare, parents want care that is reliable, safe and benefits their child’s development. Finding a babysitter or cost-effective childcare is a constant issue.

This is where childminders come in to help alleviate these needs in a safe environment.

People who choose to become childminders often benefit from gaining experience in a childcare-related field, determine their hours in most cases and help their community. While a childminder is not a nursery professional, they can take care of children at short notice and during holidays.

This course will go into detail on what a childminder is, the different childcare alternatives available and how they differ from childminding.

We begin by explaining the good qualities of a childminder, responsibilities and requirements.

Next, we review the benefits of childminding.

Finally, we provide some steps you can take to get you started towards your childminding aspirations and tips to help you determine if childminding is the right career for you.

You Will Learn:
About different types of childcare providers
The differences between childminders, nannies, babysitters and childcare centres
What responsibilities and regulations you will need to adhere to
Tips and advice to help you determine if childminding is right for you
The Benefits of Taking This Course:
You will learn about the different types of childcare and how they relate to children
You will learn about some of the benefits of being a childminder
You will be able to figure out what you need to do to become a childminder
• You will learn what responsibilities a childminder has as a childcare provider

Course Modules/Lessons
Child Minding



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