From Business Ideas to Success Certification

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5 hours
From Business Ideas to Success Certification
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All major devices and browsers
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Online (In-house also available )
From Business Ideas to Success Certification
Need some expert guidance for starting your own business?

It can be daunting to start your own business as there is often a significant difference between a great business idea and the actual bottom line that you see on your balance sheets. There are many intricate steps between coming up with a business idea and actually transforming it into a successful business. You need to be able to factor in different aspects including marketing, finances, product innovation and market research etc. before you launch your product into the market. Careful planning can help you identify errors and prevent costly mistakes from occurring in the future.

What’s included:
The course on starting your business covers crucial areas of business planning including:

How to narrow down your business ideas to one viable one by using feedback strategies
Understanding different types of business ideas and business risks
How to develop the right mindset and discipline to work at a new business
How to protect your ideas and products legally and protect your business on social media
Understanding the idea of building a business moat and barriers to entry for competition
How to create a solid business plan and the details that you need to include in it
How to identify your target market and describe the products section of your business plan
Understanding cash flow statements, economics and business funding to help minimise financial loss
How to raise money from investors, grants, crowdfunding and loans
How to register your business for licences, permits and taxation
How to choose a great business name as well as domain name
How to stay focused on growth and how to stave off business failure
Benefits of studying the course:
You can expect the following benefits from studying the video course on ‘starting your own business’:

You can minimise the likelihood of errors and mistakes
You understand how to select the best business idea that resonates with your passion
You are able to learn about important aspects like finance and marketing that help make your business a success in the long run

Course Modules/Lessons
Module 02: Who Is Your Customer? – Avatar Exercise
Module 03: How to Brainstorm Business Ideas
Module 04: How to Get Feedback on Your Business Ideas
Module 05: How to Get Industry Experts to Help You & Give You Feedback
Module 06: How to Tell if an Idea is Good – Cheap Market Validation of Business Ideas
Module 07: New Business Pitch
Module 08: Types of Different Business Risk to be Aware of
Module 09: What to Do if You Have Too Many Ideas
Module 10: Different Kinds of Business Ideas – What You Must be Aware of With Each
Module 11: How to Build Momentum
Module 12: Abundance Mentality to Help Avoid Stress & Make Better Decisions
Module 13: My Mistake Choosing a Business Niche When I Started
Module 14: How to Protect Business Ideas & Your Company’s Intellectual Property
Module 15: Protect Your Business by Creating a Moat Around It
Module 16: Create Barriers to Entry – Protect Your Business from Competitors
Module 17: What Exactly is a Business Plan
Module 18: When You Need a Business Plan
Module 19: What Is a Business Model
Module 20: How Long Should a Business Plan Be
Module 21: The Executive Summary of a Business Plan
Module 22: The Product Section of a Business Plan
Module 23: Product Considerations for the Real World
Module 24: The Stage That Your Business is At
Module 25: Your Market Size Section of the Business Plan
Module 26: How to Identify Your Target Market
Module 27: The Marketing Plan Section of Your Business Plan
Module 28: Your Revenue Stream
Module 29: Your Founding or Management Team
Module 30: Your Business Competition
Module 31: The Cash Flow Statement
Module 32: Your Business Unit Economics
Module 33: Your Previous Funding
Module 34: How to Calculate Gross Profit, Net Profit & the Bottom Line
Module 35: How to Calculate Your Company Profit Margin
Module 36: SWOT Analysis
Module 37: Understanding How Much Money You Need to Raise
Module 38: Bootstrapping Your Business
Module 39: Raising Money from Loans
Module 40: Raising Money from Grants
Module 41: Raising Money from Investors
Module 42: Raising Money from Donations & Crowdfunding
Module 43: Earning Money from Your Own Revenue
Module 44: Creative Ways to Raise Money from Future Customers
Module 45: Creative Ways to Raise Money by Hosting Events & Workshops
Module 46: Funding Your Business from Part Time or Full Time Work
Module 47: Website to Find Investors & Best Ways to Contact Those Investors
Module 48: Three Ways to a Great Product Launch
Module 49: Being First to Market – Pros & Cons
Module 50: The Lean Start Up Model with Eric-Ries
Module 51: Customer Development by Steve Blank
Module 52: How to Choose a Great Business Name
Module 53: How to Choose a Great Website Domain Name
Module 54: What to do When You Have No Business Experience
Module 55: Learn to Code – My Recommendation
Module 56: Increasing the Lifetime Value of a Customer
Module 57: How to Handle Hagglers & People Who Want Big Discounts
Module 58: How to Increase Your Productivity
Module 59: The Failure Stage – Case Study
Module 60: Finding Growth
Module 61: Difficulties in Generating Enough Cash
Module 62: My First Business Failure – The Show Search Engine Business
Module 63: Problems in Success
Module 64: Conclusion – Where My Business is Now



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